AdvantageSim MD

Advanced simulation and localization software to help improve and streamline treatment planning.

In the era of advanced radiation therapy, the contouring of at-risk organs using multiple datasets showing anatomical, functional and metabolic or respiratory-induced motion information requires an environment and tools that facilitate productivity and accuracy. We make this possible with our efficient automated and manual tools and an intuitive user interface. Isocenter marking and beam planning tools are essential for quick and precise patient positioning, plan setup and efficient palliative and emergency planning cases.

AdvantageSim MD virtual simulation software automatically defines contours and volumes and determines geometric beam placement to improve accuracy and speed of planning for high-precision radiotherapy techniques. AdvantageSim MD's simulation tools provide the latest in simulation and localization technology improving productivity and accuracy.


  • Multi-modality simulation: Efficient multimodality (CT, MR, PET) workflow offers additional information for accurate treatment plans all on one desktop.
  • Innovative 4D CT and 4D PET/CT workflow.
  • Semi-automated MR pelvic organ segmentation.
  • DICOM-RT and IHE-RO compliance for seamless interoperability.


System Requirements

Intended Use