Discovery IQ Gen 2

The next generation of the world’s most trusted PET/CT¹

Discovery™ IQ is the most widely utilized and trusted PET/CT system amongst clinicians across the globe1. It was designed and engineered to be a scalable, high-performance diagnostic system with the capabilities to produce exceptional image quality while using less dose. Most importantly, it was built on a platform intended to meet and exceed your clinical needs as they grow. To continue that momentum, we’re introducing Discovery IQ Gen 2. The next generation in PET/CT performance dedicated to improving your clinical outcomes, productivity and profitability.


Motion Correction







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1Based on PET/CT sales and installation industry data from 2014-2018.

2GE Discovery IQ 5-Ring has the highest NEMA sensitivity compared to market leading PET/CT equipment. Market leading PET/CT equipment is defined based on IMV’s Medical Information Division’s IMV 2019 report as the manufacturers representing more than 90% of the US Installed Base.

3AutoIN may minimize the radiation dose to technologist and time spent to position the patient from the scanning room. 

4As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres and OSEM reconstruction. Quantitative accuracy improvements are based on SUVmean.

5Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion-correction) data. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres and OSEM reconstruction.

6Based on clinical practice at University Hospital Zurich, using 5-ring PET/CT with MotionFree and RPM. These results are for illustrative purposes only and represent specific customer experiences; actual results could vary depending on clinical practice and circumstances.

7Comparing Discovery IQ Gen 2 5-Ring to Discovery IQ Gen 2 3-Ring

8IQ Enhancement (IQE) may reduce helical artifacts which are important for image quality of thin-slice helical scans. CT scanners with this feature can accelerate its helical pitch up to 70% (e.g. 0.562 to 1.75, @ 16 slice) when acquiring the same helical artifact level compared with the same scanner with IQ Enhance disabled. This coverage speed is equivalent to that of a 50-slice wider detector CT scanner at same table speed.

9Based on results found at one Medical Evaluation site installation, Tata Memorial Hospital – India. Results may vary.