Discovery MI Gen 2

Next generation. Even more in sight.
At a Glance

Smaller lesions

Up to a 41% increase in small lesion detectability1

High sensitivity

Achieve a 125% increase in sensitivity2


Deep-learning based image reconstruction with Revolution EVO Gen 3 CT

Digital PET that’s everything we promised and more

Our goal is to expand your clinical perspective with up to 30 centimeters of coverage, system sensitivity of up to 30 cps/kBq, trusted Q.Clear quantitation, and the proven clarity of MotionFree images. The promise of the digital PET experience is stronger than ever with next generation digital PET technology and an efficient technologist experience provided by Discovery MI Gen 2.

The promise of digital PET is precision across the entire imaging experience

Now, with Discovery MI Gen 2, we are taking the promise of digital PET even further

Digital detection, remastered

The LightBurst Digital Detector is a key component of what made Discovery MI the leading digital PET system. This innovative digital PET detector technology combines a small lutetium-based scintillator crystal array with a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) block design for significant improvements in sensitivity, scan times, and required dose levels compared to similar ToF technology. Discovery MI Gen 2 provides next-level digital detection with an axial FOV scalable up to 30 centimeters and the corresponding potential to reach even greater levels of sensitivity.

Another layer of capability and performance unlocked with high sensitivity per cm which delivers significant improvements in scan times or dose amounts

In PET imaging, sensitivity is everything. It affects your ability to detect small lesions, your scan length and dose amounts. Each row of the Discovery MI Gen 2 LightBurst Digital Detector adds five centimeters to your total field of view. Discovery MI Gen 2 can expand all the way up to 30 centimeters of coverage, providing a 50 percent increase in peak NECR3, as well as exceptional system sensitivity that reaches 30 cps/kBq.

A whole new way to scan

Static whole-body PET/CT imaging provides a simple snapshot of radiopharmaceutical concentration, but it takes time to truly understand how tissue is behaving. With whole-body dynamic imaging, you can see the difference between tracer activity that’s simply trapped in tissue versus highlighting actual malignancies. Capturing this level of information takes time. Discovery MI Gen 2 delivers the FOV and the sensitivity necessary to enhance whole-body dynamic acquisition. It allows you to capture as much detail as possible in fewer bed positions. With Discovery MI Gen 2 and WB Dynamic IQ Protocol4, you have a powerful new tool that provides you with the ability to better identify regions of metabolic activity and increased tracer uptake rate5.

See what you need to see with TrueFidelity

For years, low dose was the benchmark for image quality by which every CT image was held. We helped set the standard for low-dose imaging back in 2008 by introducing the industry’s first iterative reconstruction technology capable of lowering dose. Over the years, the benchmark has changed. While dose is still important, radiologists are looking for an image texture reminiscent of the text-book quality images they studied in medical school.

Take your CT experience even further on a system designed for TrueFidelity, our latest innovation in CT image reconstruction technology that uses a deep-learning based reconstruction engine to combine the low-dose CT you expect with the image texture you want.

A CT that keeps getting better

Built with breakthrough digital PET technology, the latest in diagnostic CT and advanced quantitative software, Discovery™ MI Gen 2 was created to further accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work.

Q.Clear (BSREM): accurate data points to trusted treatment

Since its introduction, Q.Clear has delivered fast and efficient quantitation readings for confident diagnosis and precise treatment response assessment. Up to a 2x improvement in quantitative SUV (SUVmean). Up to a 2x improvement in image quality (SNR).

AutoIN: plan on making an entrance by leaving the room

AutoIN gives your technologists the ability to landmark and position the patient table from the console in the control room. This improves the imaging workflow. By keeping technologists at the console, AutoIN helps reduce exposure to radiation as well as limits contact with contagious diseases.

MotionFree: Clear the way for clear images

MotionFree is the first-ever digital respiratory motion management solution that completely eliminates the need for a gating device.

1. Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm as compared to Discovery MI 25 cm, with matched scan time / dose. As demonstrated in phantom testing.
2. Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm as compared to Discovery MI 20 cm.
3. With Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm configuration compared to 25 cm configuration, based on NECR test.
4. Whole-body Dynamic IQ Protocol enhances acquisitions currently limited to single FOV dynamic acquisition or manual prescription of multiple whole-body static scans.
5. Processing software is needed for diagnostic purposes.
6. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model and OSEM reconstruction. Quantitative accuracy improvements are based on SUVmean.
7. Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion correction) data. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm GE-68 spheres and OSEM reconstruction.
8. Based on clinical practice at University Hospital Zurich, using 5-Ring PET/CT with MotionFree and RPM. These results are for illustrative purposes only and represent specific customer experiences; actual results could vary depending on clinical practice and circumstances

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