SIGNA™ 1.5T MRI scanners – diagnostic excellence for all

The SIGNA™ 1.5T MRI portfolio is designed to increase your efficiency, improve productivity and maximize your diagnostic potential while keeping the patient experience at the forefront.
SIGNA™ Champion
SIGNA™ Artist
SIGNA™ Voyager
SIGNA™ Victor
SIGNA™ Prime
SIGNA™ Creator
SIGNA™ Explorer

SIGNA™ Champion 1.5T MRI

SIGNA™ Champion, our new 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner, is here for all.

Exceptional images

Access to AIR™ Recon DL provides outstanding image quality and productivity

True patient comfort

Unparalleled access to true wide bore patient clearance

Designed for productivity

Get efficiency and flexibility through modular hardware & software options

A secure investment for all

Flexible siting, green magnet & scalability help support efficient operations

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SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T MRI scanner

Our premium SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T MRI scanner provides a masterful balance of comfort and productivity, with its patient-friendly design and system utility.

Improved patient experience

Patient-friendly design maximizes comfort

World-class user experience

Reduce user and reader fatigue with improved workflow capabilities

More channels for more possibilities

Up to 128 channels, the highest number in its class

Scalable and upgradeable design

Extend the life of your MRI with sustainable innovations

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SIGNA™ Voyager 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner

Redefine the limit of what’s possible with 1.5T

Patient-friendly design

Adaptive AIR™ Coils accommodate all types of scans & patient sizes

Streamlined IQ performance

AIR™ Recon DL improves SNR & image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times

Consistently excellent

Up to 50% faster acquisition time with AIR™ Recon DL

Expedites ROI

Save $100,000 over 10 years with up to 46% less power consumption*

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SIGNA™ Victor 1.5T MRI scanner – win the day

Introducing SIGNA™ Victor, your solution to powerful & sustainable imaging

Powerful & sustainable MRI

More than 10% lower power consumption & green magnet requiring 70% less helium**

SIGNA™ One user interface

Anticipatory interface with no learning curve for an efficient experience

AI-enabled workflows

AI solutions simplify setup & improve image quality with reduced scan time

Enhanced patient comfort

AIR™ Coils provide 360° patient comfort, AI solutions shorten in-bore time

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SIGNA™ Prime 1.5T MRI scanner - Easy to learn. Powerful to use.

The SIGNA™ Prime 1.5T MRI scanner is easy to learn, making the MR adoption process simple

Easy to set up

A small footprint, greater flexibility & shorter install time for a seamless transition

Easy to read

AI is here to help produce consistent high-quality images

Easy to use

Learn MR in a matter of hours with a guided & anticipatory workflow

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SIGNA™ Creator 1.5T MRI scanner

SIGNA™ Creator is a foundational 1.5T, 60 cm MRI system and a proven investment that packs a punch with established technology and extensive clinical capability

Established technology

Proven 1.5T zero-boil-off magnet with best-in-class homogeneity

Extensive clinical capability

Includes applications designed for ease of use & excellent image quality

Proven investment

Small footprint for simple siting & workflow tools for high patient throughput

Upgrade options

Consider unique wide-bore upgradability

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SIGNA™ Explorer 1.5T MRI scanner

SIGNA™ Explorer is an efficient 1.5T, 60cm system that addresses patient comfort

Outstanding performance

Exceptional image quality, high throughput, & increased patient comfort

Patient comfort in practice

Reduced noise, low table height & free-breathing applications improve comfort

A sound investment

Easily upgrade to future MRI scanners at a fraction of the cost

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Delivering efficiency, productivity, and diagnostic excellence for all with our SIGNA™ 1.5T MRI scanners

A complete portfolio of systems optimized to match your clinical and operational requirements. Powered by the SIGNA™ Experience family of products, our fleet is designed to support improved patient experience, user satisfaction, and outcomes.
Intelligent magnet technology

Enable low helium operation while maintaining best-in-class homogeneity

Intelligent magnet technology optimizes low-helium operation, best-in-class scanner homogeneity, excellent image quality and improved operational uptime throughout the lifetime of the system.
AI Solutions

Powerful and intelligent applications with AIR™ Recon DL, AIR x™ and AIR Touch™

AIR™ Recon DL, our pioneering deep-learning-based reconstruction algorithm, lets radiologists achieve clearer images quicker. By removing noise and ringing from image data, scans are consistently easy to read. Using innovative AI, the Workflow Solutions for SIGNA™ consist of two automated applications – AIR Touch™ for the best coil element selection and AIR x™ for intuitive MR slice prescription – to enable improved workflow efficiency.
A new standard in MRI coils

AIR™ Coils enable 360 degree patient comfort, positioning freedom and consistent image quality

An award-winning industry first in MRI coils. With overlapping, ultra-light, flexible coil elements at their heart, AIR™ Coils deliver an MRI experience that gets closer to your patient, so you get closer to the truth. Representing a new standard in MRI coil technology, AIR™ Coils enable a simplified, faster workflow while maintaining excellent image quality. Scan complex anatomies and complicated conditions in a variety of patient sizes with exceptional results.

Transform your legacy 1.5T MRI scanner with these upgrade options

Equip your imaging department with the capabilities to meet growing patient needs by transforming your 1.5T MRI scanner. Upgrade your 60 cm bore or 70 cm bore with the SIGNA™ Lift and SIGNA™ Evo programs. Get a next generation system built around your existing magnet to ascend your imaging performance and clinical capabilities to the highest level of care.

Our SIGNA™ Continuum™ is our lifetime commitment to you. It gives you the ability to combine some of our innovative hardware, electronics and imaging applications into an upgrade that best fits your needs. Take control and boost the life cycle of your SIGNA™ MRI scanner with optimized performance and productivity capabilities as well as access to an extended service warranty.

Thought Leadership

Support for your purchase and upgrade decisions.

The guide to purchasing your MRI scanner

Need help making the right choice in MRI? Let us help you evaluate the right MRI scanner to meet your needs.

The guide to upgrading your MRI scanner

Looking to upgrade your existing GE HealthCare magnet or MRI software? This guide can help ensure you are positioned for the future.

AIR™ Recon DL resources

From image noise to ringing, AIR™ Recon DL uses deep learning to prevent artifacts from ever being introduced to your clinical images.

*Than conventional 1.5T wide bore designs
**compared to previous generation GE HealthCare platform

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