SIGNA™ Victor 1.5T MRI scanner – win the day

Introducing SIGNA™ Victor, your solution to powerful and sustainable imaging

Powerful & sustainable MRI

More than 10% lower power consumption & green magnet requiring 70% less helium*

AI-enabled workflows

AI solutions simplify setup & improve image quality with reduced scan time

Enhanced patient comfort

AIR™ Coils provide 360° patient comfort, AI solutions shorten in-bore time

Future proof investment

Easily upgrade your legacy GEHC MR scanner to access SIGNA Victor technology.

SIGNA™ Victor, our new 1.5T MRI scanner, is here to help you win the day

Our newest 1.5T MRI scanner houses some of the industry’s most proven and powerful technology. Its green magnet and breakthrough solutions, such as AIR™ Coils, AIR™ Recon DL and AIR x™, help address today's challenges like rising power costs and managing high patient volumes while maintaining satisfaction. Victory is yours with SIGNA™ Victor.

Technology that will prepare you for any future

Every aspect of SIGNA™ Victor comes together to empower your team with the ultimate level of efficiency. It was built to deliver exceptional results while cutting down on costs and consumption, so that you’re ready for anything the future holds.

Give your legacy system a Lift

When your predecessor system’s ready for an upgrade, our SIGNA™ Victor Lift upgrade continuum allows you to easily give your legacy system a lift by upgrading the platform without replacing the magnet. This gives you next-generation imaging capability and further maximizes your investment by providing the benefits of complete system replacement without the costs.

More channels for more possibilities

To give you more flexibility, the RF technology inside SIGNA™ Victor uses a Direct Digital Interface and goes up to 64 channels, the highest number in its class. This can enable more coil combinations for faster and higher quality scanning.

360 degrees of patient comfort

With SIGNA™ Victor, you have access to a wide range of coils, such as our blanket-like AIR™ Coils, which will completely transform your patient experience. Additionally, our all-new high element PA coil is specifically designed to enhance spine and body imaging workflow and offers a shorter scan time for patients.

The platform also includes a wider patient entry to maximize clearance. This added space, along with the ability to scan feet-first, will optimize patient comfort.

Win the day with SIGNA™ Victor

With SIGNA™ Victor, you get a system that outperforms expectations. Your entire team, as well as your patients, will benefit from its groundbreaking technology and solutions. Learn more about SIGNA™ Victor and how it empowers you to win the day.


A breath of fresh AIR™ for productive scanning

In addition to AIR™ Coils, SIGNA™ Victor is compatible with our revolutionary automated workflow solutions to enhance your entire scanning process from start to finish.

AIR™ Coils

As well as improving patient comfort, AIR Coils are form-fitting and provide 360 degrees of coverage, granting more positioning freedom and improving workflow.

AIR Touch™

AIR Touch™ technology simplifies scan setup by automatically selecting the best coil element combinations for each patient over the precise area-of-interest*.

AIR x™

For intelligent MR slice prescription, AIR x™ uses artificial intelligence-based technology to automatically prescribe the best position for the slices, helping to ensure exam consistency for same-patient follow-up.

*AIR Touch™ IntelliTouch feature is not available on SIGNA™ Victor

Learn more about SIGNA™ Victor