SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner

Our wide bore 1.5T MRI scanner is a masterful balance of convenience and productivity. SIGNA™ Artist has a patient-friendly design that maximizes comfort and system utility.
At a Glance

Improved patient experience

Patient-friendly design maximizes comfort

World-class user experience

Reduce user and reader fatigue with improved workflow capabilities

More channels for more possibilities

Up to 128 channels, the highest number in its class

Scalable and upgradeable design

Extend the life of your MRI with sustainable innovations

Provide patient-friendly exams and experience consistent, exceptional image quality with SIGNA™ Artist, our 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner

SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T MRI scanner provides 360-degrees of coil coverage, RF technology, and a direct digital interface with more channels. Patient-friendly design maximizes comfort and system utility, accommodating all types of patients and sizes with feet-first imaging. Combined with our industry-leading, deep-learning technology, AIR™ Recon DL, you can achieve consistent, exceptional images 50% faster;* streamlining workflows and reducing patient table time.

Elevate your SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T wide bore MRI scanner performance to new heights with groundbreaking technology.

Our SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T wide-bore MRI scanner leverages groundbreaking technology that allows it to overcome common challenges. Surpass the unimaginable and make it the expected.
Consistently reliable

A masterful balance of comfort and productivity

SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T MRI scanner offers a consistently excellent user experience, including advanced deep-learning-based applications to deliver high-quality images. Designed with both patients and providers in mind, SIGNA™ Artist leverages AI technology to enable comfortable, patient-friendly exams with optimal image resolution in less time.

SIGNA™ Artist offers a feet-first imaging option to reduce claustrophobia by 90% and 360 degrees of adaptive coils coverage to accommodate all types of scans and patient sizes. By getting closer to the patient, our AIR™ Coils help achieve high-quality images that are easier to read; allowing fast scans reads and helping reduce eye fatigue. Automatically selecting best coil-element configuration for every patient, AIR™ Coils help reduce patient on-table time by 37% and patient setup by 59%.

From plan to scan, your practice will appreciate the system’s versatility – delivering consistent image quality, while improving productivity.

More channels for less noise

To provide more flexibility, SIGNA™ Artist’s Total Digital Imaging (TDI) employs an independent analog-to-digital converter to digitize inputs from each of up to 128 RF channels – the highest number in its class – eliminating unnecessary noise enhancement. Designed to increase SNR and uniformity, it provides up to 25% higher SNR.
Upgrade options

Stay current with scalable and upgradable design

Your SIGNA™ Artist 1.5T wide bore scanner GE magnet stays current for multiple product generations through the SIGNA™ Evo and SIGNA™ Continuum™ programs.

SIGNA™ Artist Evo is a transformative upgrade that widens the clinical capabilities of legacy MR systems. The SIGNA™ Continuum™ program gives you the ability to combine some of the innovative hardware, electronics and our innovative Imaging Applications for SIGNA™ applications into an upgrade that best fits your needs.
Intelligent magnet technology

Enable low helium operation while maintaining best-in-class homogeneity

Our latest generation magnet at the heart of SIGNA™ Artist dramatically reduces helium usage by up to 70% over its lifecycle while maintaining exceptional performance. It uses a magnet technology designed to be less dependent on helium, much easier to site, and eco-friendly.

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