Resting EKG Machines for Customized Patient Care

Make more confident clinical decisions with our trusted portfolio of resting ECG systems. You’ll benefit from powerful data analysis tools built on acclaimed technology we’ve been advancing since 1965.
MAC VU360™
MAC™ 7

MAC VU360 Resting ECG

Infinitely smart, integrated, and secure to help deliver high ECG quality and speed—even in challenging situations. Delivering quality and speed with a 360 degree view of your world, MAC VU360 is designed to provide the high-quality resting ECG workstation that you need.

Workflow integration

A comprehensive solution for complete cardiac care

System security

Continuous data protection to ensure your peace of mind

Designed by you

Easy to clean, and easy to adjust and maneuver, and that’s exactly what we delivered

Smart tools

Fast, high-quality ECGs acquired automatically to help avoid duplicates

MAC 7 Resting ECG

Intuitive. Connected. Secure. MAC 7 is sophisticated yet accessible, with an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables users of all backgrounds to acquire quality ECGs in just a few touches.


85% of users agree that they need minimal training¹

Network connectivity

Designed to integrate smoothly into your ecosystems

Marquette 12SL

Validated extensively against clinically-correlated databases for accuracy³


We take a holistic approach to safeguarding data

MAC 5 Resting ECG

Simple. Precise. Secure. Everything about the MAC 5 experience is designed to keep you moving forward and keep the focus on patient care. MAC 5, the latest addition to GE HealthCare’s touchscreen ECG family, is designed to help streamline workflow and facilitate effective care in today’s healthcare environments.

Simple to use

85% of users agree that they need minimal training¹

Precise care

ECG in up to 31% fewer steps²


We take a holistic approach to safeguarding data

Marquette™ 12SL

Validated extensively against clinically-correlated databases for accuracy³

We’re here to help meet your needs for accurate diagnosis and cardiology data management.

See how we continue to bring innovation to diagnostic cardiology solutions when you learn more about our ECG products.

Experience MAC like never before

Our augmented reality experience allows you to explore key features and see how easily MAC ECG products can fit into your existing office or hospital environment

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  1. Double-blind study by an independent third party research firm, HealthCare Research & Analytics (HRA)& at Smith Research Facility, Chicago.
  2. In an observational study comparing the usability of various ECG systems, when participants used GE’s new resting ECG interface, they were able to complete the same set of ECG tasks in 31% less steps.
  3. Optional feature, not available in all regions.

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