Aladin₂ Cassettes

Let's take the guesswork out of agent delivery. Working in tandem with the electronic control feature on the Aisys™ CS² anesthesia delivery system, Aladin₂ cassettes vaporize anesthetic agents with accuracy and speed.

Streamlines workflow

Automatic record-keeping with Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine and Aladin2 cassettes

2x the accuracy

Anesthetic delivery accuracy exceeds conventional anesthesia vaporizers1

Automatic identification

Magnetic coding allows Aisys CS2 machine to detect and display the Aladin2 cassette anesthetic agent type and fill level

Guided safety measures

Alarms on Aisys CS2 machine detects when cassette is empty to help prevent patient awareness

Giving you the confidence to trust what you see

When the Aisys CS2 electronic control system is combined with Aladin2 Agent cassettes, you can be confident that the information displayed is measured - not estimated1. Electronic sensing controls vaporization, enabling the accurate delivery of isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane anesthetic agents.

Rely on us to help you work smarter and keep patients safe

Accurate and safe anesthetic agent delivery consists of two parts: the electronic control mechanism in the Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine and the individual Aladin2 anesthetic agent cassette.

Guided safety measures

Electronic agent level sensing displays cassette fill level on the Aisys CS2 machine and notifies you when the cassette is empty.

Accidental awareness protection

We're supporting you with audible and visual alarms. The system alerts you when anesthetic agent runs low, and after the vaporizer is filled, the system reminds you to turn it back on with the last setting.

Overdose protection

Built-in protections help clinicians build better outcomes. Changes in patient status are monitored every 200 ms, giving you the precision to act quickly. The system also automatically prevents agent delivery if risk of overdose is detected.


Simplify anesthetic agent vaporization

Flexibility with 5 filling options

Compatible with Easy-Fil™ (ISO), Safe-T-Seal™ (SEV), Quik-Fil (SEV), Piramal Fill (SEV), and Safe-Fil™ (DES) Filler Systems

Automated technology

Automatic record keeping, gas usage calculation, and fresh gas flow/temperature/pressure compensation with Aisys CS2 and Aladin2 system

Low maintenance

No planned factory service required. Can be handled or stored in any position

Easy system check

Aisys CS2 anesthesia machine performs a check on cassettes and electronic vaporizer during system checkout
  1. DOC1426375 GE HealthCare internal analysis of published industry standards and vaporizer data product performance specifications comparing GE HealthCare Aladin2 Cassettes to Draeger Vapor 2000 (conventional), FLOW-I (digital), Blease Datum L series Anesthesia Vaporizer (conventional), GE HealthCare Tec 6 Plus and Tec 7 Vaporizers (conventional). Comparison shows that the Aladin2 is up to two times (200%) as accurate as other vaporizers (Draeger Vapor 2000, Blease Datum, Penlon Sigma Elite).
  2. The number 2 footnote has been omitted to avoid any confusion with the Aisys CS2 product name.
  3. Safe-T-Seal and Safe-Fil are trademarks of Baxter International Inc.
  4. Aisys, Easy-Fil and Aladin2 are trademarks of GE HealthCare.

NOTE: Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older.

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