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Boost the impact of your teams, your operations and your care experience by collaborating with GE HealthCare Service Solutions—built to help you move ahead and do more.

Universal™ Full-Service
Universal Comprehensive Service
Unite™ In-House Service
On-Demand Service

Universal Full-Service Solutions

Leading expertise

You can count on our experienced engineers to know our systems best

Quality first

Issues are addressed with verified OEM parts, accessories, and service tools

Always on communication

We’re here for you through mobile and desktop access

Digital backbone of connectivity

Faster diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair through advanced AI tools

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Universal Comprehensive Service Solutions help you be more resourceful and focused

Targets financial goals

Maximize returns and reduce the lifetime cost of your clinical assets

Shift asset operations to us

From planning to purchase to maintenance — we’re at your side

Covers multi-vendor assets

Manage the complex needs of your whole business, beyond your GE HealthCare equipment

Full-lifecycle management

We take care of planning and procurement to the day you retire/dispose and plan to upgrade

Unite In-House Service Solutions makes our service team an extension of your team

A true partner

We’ll co-create solutions to help boost your short- and long-term success

Customized approach

A tailored combination of people, processes and technology that work for you

The right answer at the right time

We’ve got it, whether you need parts, technical service tools or back up service labor

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On-Demand Service is access to service and parts on your terms

Find what you need quickly

Save time sourcing OEM quality parts through Service Shop

Get it fixed fast

Use the Repair Operations Center for fast, reliable system and parts repairs

Here when you need us

Reliable parts shipments, including same-day or next-day, with our 41 U.S. warehouses

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