Search less. Care more.

An eye on your equipment

Tracks, manages, and analyzes location data for mobile assets in real time

Easily installed

Simple to install hardware adapts to your facility and needs

Focus on what matters most

Spend less time searching for equipment and keep caregivers with patients

Optimize your workflow

Gives clinicians data to help find equipment and prevent patient delays

Encompass is a web-based Real Time Location System (RTLS) to track, manage, and analyze location data for mobile assets

A cost-effective and cloud-deployed solution, Encompass seamlessly integrates into facilities to track and manage a full fleet of medical equipment so less time is spent searching for equipment—enabling operational cost savings, reduction in delays with patients, and keeping caregivers with patients where they’re needed most.

How encompass helps to optimize your workflow


Saved on mobile equipment searching per year1


Of mobile equipment sits idle on average at any given time2


Mobile equipment search hours saved each year1

4 minutes

Reduce search time from 24 to 4 minutes1


A three-part proprietary system that works together to ensure you know exactly where equipment is when you need it.

Consisting of tracking software, wireless location beacons, and equipment transponder beacons, Encompass tracks and displays assets in a web application where it can be viewed on computers, phones, and tablets—here’s how it works:

Keeping Equipment Ready to Go

Encompass serves as a mobile equipment manager that offers real time location services, as well as the ability to track equipment usage so you can maintain capital allocation with the right mobile equipment inventory.

See all of your clinical assets

Part of the digital thread that ties a customer’s healthcare technology management program together, Encompass is a combination of easy-to-install hardware and web applications that work together to track assets in real time, and it readily scales to accommodate growth and change at your organization.

Easy-to-install hardware

Encompass features three simple and distinct pieces of easy-to-use hardware. The small, coin cell battery powered asset beacon is optimized for long battery life and ideal for asset tracking in all forms. The location beacon is installed waist high on walls throughout a facility (with no wiring or communication infrastructure required) and is used to define known locations. Finally, the always listening fixed receiver is designed to listen for location beacons and generate events at key egress and exits.

Encompass applications

Navigate™ App

Featuring a map view for interacting with assets, Navigate is the application that helps enable healthcare professionals to visually locate mobile equipment that has been tagged with a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tracking beacon in a timely fashion and manage their equipment fleet.

FindIt™ App

FindIt helps healthcare professionals find assets in a timely fashion by searching for a piece of unique equipment by querying equipment attributes, filtering by current location, and by locating equipment tagged with a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tracking beacon.

ManageIt™ App

Setting up PAR locations and monitoring assets in real time, ManageIt helps enable healthcare professionals to manage their mobile assets and make sure that the assets are ready when needed, as well as to have a better inventory count.

  1. In a small to medium size hospital (100-300 staffed beds), based on average 24-minute search time without Encompass, and four-minute search with Encompass.
  2. Out of Control, Little-used Clinical Assets Draining Healthcare Budgets Whitepaper 2012.

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