Verisound™ Fleet

One centralized solution to manage your ultrasound devices.

Centralize management

Quickly organize and manage devices and fleets across multiple sites and departments

Drive consistency

Increase standardization across your fleet of ultrasound devices

Increase staff efficiency

Reduce time spent performing tasks device-by-device with remote management

Maximize productivity

Remotely manage your configurations and settings eliminating the need to travel from site to site
Case Study

Implementing Verisound Fleet at a large health network

Before Verisound Fleet:

For 26 remote ultrasound systems across multiple sites:
• 210 miles (5 hours and 39 minutes) of driving
• 111 minutes of walking
• 183 minutes of time spent on machines
• If performing updates at the start or end of the day, it could take 16 days of effort
• Protocols updated once or twice a year

After Verisound Fleet:

• Total effort from protocol manager under 10 minutes2
• 0 miles driven, 0 minutes of walking time, 0 minutes on the machine
• 100% of the ultrasound fleet updated in less than two days2
• Protocols continuously updated one to two times a month

Manually changing and modifying ultrasound configurations, device-by-device takes a significant amount of time.

On average, users spend 1.5 hours per device to manually make updates and changes to an ultrasound console.3 A cloud-based solution that lets you remotely manage and monitor devices across your fleet from one central location, Verisound Fleet enables you to view, back up, and deploy device configurations without leaving your desk—empowering healthcare technology managers everywhere.

A centralized solution for device management

Verisound Fleet securely connects devices with encryption and storage protocols that require minimum intervention from IT departments, providing you with an easy-to-use solution that helps ensure fleet standardization and consistency from anywhere.

Simple device setup and updates

Easily activate the feature on your GE HealthCare device and use the self-service device claiming feature on the Verisound Fleet platform. Also, updates from the cloud to a device first need to be accepted by the local user to ensure minimal disruption.

Built with security in mind

Protected by our proprietary medical grade data security standards, device data on the Verisound Fleet platform is protected and patient data is never transferred. Central users also assign and control access to others, and all actions are logged providing improved visibility.

Intuitive user interface

Verisound Fleet displays a unified list of assets on a single screen, and the intuitive UI uses dynamic tiles for easier functionality. It’s also designed to allow you to prioritize actions, view progress, and isolate errors. With a single click you can customize your view to match your needs.

Technical support when you need it

Confidently navigate the performance of your GE HealthCare Verisound Fleet experience. From setup and configuration, to connectivity and connection issues, our customer service team is here when you need them.

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