Vscan Air™ SL

Vscan Air SL is a wireless, handheld ultrasound system that delivers crystal-clear images and is well-suited for rapid cardiac and vascular assessments.

3-Year Warranty |Starting at $5,499
At a Glance

Insights right in your pocket

Supports early diagnosis and helps you quickly decide on next steps.

Dual-probe imaging power

Complete shallow and deep scans without switching probes or compromising image quality.


Seamless pairing with your mobile device1 and intuitive to navigate.

Durability, defined

Robust, drop-tested and waterproof. Withstands every day handling and easy to disinfect.

Don’t miss a beat between cardiac, vascular, and other evaluations

Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound offers wireless freedom and maximum portability with two transducers in a single device. Delivers crystal-clear images at the point of care. Sector-phased array transducer is ideal for rapid cardiac assessments. The linear array transducer allows you to move from a cardiac to a vascular assessment without missing a beat.

Quality imaging capabilities for multiple clinical healthcare applications.

Ideal for focused cardiac assessments, thoracic to musculoskeletal, nerves, and more. Complete both shallow and deep ultrasound scans with one probe without compromising image quality.

The Vscan Air app

Connects to your own mobile device.
Optimized to work with a range of Android™ and Apple® smart phones and tablets.

Vscan Air SL Product Details

Vscan Air SL is waterproof, military standard drop tested, flight or ambulance ready, and is completely wireless by connecting to your own mobile device. Backed by a three-year warranty.


Get more of what you need in one handheld device

Seamlessly integrate Vscan Air into your practice. Clinician feedback drives our ultra-portable innovations to ensure they’re easy to use, intuitive to navigate, and right for your point of care use.

Image quality you can be confident in

With our proprietary SignalMax™ + XDclear™ technology, GE HealthCare continues to challenge expectations regarding the limits of ultrasound image quality. We’ve set a new standard in handheld ultrasound by miniaturizing the power of XDclear to deliver extraordinary image quality with our sector-phased array transducer. This combines the power of SignalMax high-intensity signal processing with industry-leading single crystal transducer technology for exceptional penetration, resolution, and sensitivity in imaging performance.

Key features for all users and specialties

Built for both new and experienced handheld ultrasound users with basic and advanced assessments in mind. Now including: B-mode; Color Doppler; PW Doppler; M-mode.

Data privacy and security

Securely store, share, and collaborate seamlessly. Images and other patient information data are stored in a private, on device space with no access from other apps on the mobile device.

Vscan Air SL with Caption AI™

Vscan Air SL with Caption Guidance™ software provides real-time guidance that shows you, step-by-step, how to maneuver the probe to capture diagnostic-quality standard echocardiographic views anytime, anywhere*

Vscan Air + Digital Tools

Individual Solutions & Fleet Solutions

Vscan Air + Digital tools: two optional subscriptions to take your handheld ultrasound experience even further. Connects you to a suite of user-centric digital tools to improve your workflow with secure collaboration, image, and device management solutions.



Vscan Air SL offers sector and linear transducers in a dual-probe configuration. Its sector transducer is ideal for rapid cardiac assessments. The opposite side of the probe has a linear array, so you won’t miss a beat when moving from a cardiac to a vascular assessment.

Linear array: Peripheral Vascular, Lung/Thoracic (Adult /Pediatric), Small organs (Adult/Pediatric), Musculoskeletal — (Superficial and conventional) (Adult/Pediatrics), Nerves (Adult/Pediatrics), Neck and airway (Adult /Pediatric), Procedural guidance (Adult/Pediatrics), Ophthalmic*, Cephalic (Neonatal).

Sector array: Abdominal (Adult/Pediatrics), Urology (Adult/Pediatrics), OB/GYN, Lung/Thoracic (Adult/Pediatrics), Cardiac and hemodynamic assessment, Adult cephalic/Transcranial doppler, procedure guidance (Adult/Pediatrics).

*Ophthalmic is not available in Japan and China.

Check out our Indications for Use to see various exams that you can perform with Vscan Air.
B-mode: Black and white mode for displaying anatomy in two dimensions in real time

Color Doppler: Color flow – color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging

PW: Pulsed wave spectral Doppler – displays speed and direction of blood flow allowing velocity measurements

M-mode: Motion mode – displays tissue motion over time (along one direction as indicated by M-mode cursor)
Vscan Air SL supports 50 mins continuous scan time (with new and fully charged battery, using 80% grey scale and 20% color imaging). Recharge battery from 10% to 90% capacity in 75 minutes.
Your Vscan Air handheld ultrasound comes with a 3-year standard warranty and the product is backed with local reliable service, education tools and online resources.
Yes, you can preview the app by downloading the Vscan Air app through Apple ® App Store or Google Play™ store. Sector images are not currently available in preview mode. For a full product demonstration, please contact your local sales representative.

* Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. App Store is a registered trademark of Apple ® Inc.

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1. Works with a range of Android and iOS smartphone and tablets.

Products mentioned in the material may be subject to government regulation and may not be available in all countries. Shipment and the effective sale can only occur after approval from the regulator. Please check with your local GE HealthCare representative for details.

*The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual.