• Overview

Uroview 8K

Precisely your view

Uroview dual monitors_574 pixels
  • Flexible integrated boom with articulating arm for precise imaging.
    Uroview dual monitors_574 pixels
  • High-resolution 4K 27” monitors render two full-resolution images simultaneously.
    Uroview w Dr_290
  • Achieve easy patient transfer with a 25.2 inch low table height.
    Uroview positioning_290
  • Optional: Integrated radiation shield for additional dose reduction and surgery light for added visibility.
    Uroview Shield Light_290
  • Accommodate a wide range of patients (pediatric to 628 lbs.) and access patients quickly and easily.
    Uroview patient_290
  • Slip-resistant, multi-function foot pedal.
    Uroview foot pedal_290
  • Benefits

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