Uroview 8K

Enjoy advanced ergonomics for easy patient access and a comfortable working environment for you and your team.
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See images clearly in a comprehensive range of urological cases.  The Uroview 8K provides large field of view along with a robust imaging platform to show you exact imaging detail.

Manage dose exposure without sacrificing image quality.  Designed to provide diagnostic image quality using dose saving strategies, features include:
  • Pulsed mode allowing you to reduce dose to your staff, your patients, and anyone else in the room
  • Ability to collimate a scout image without additional fluoroscopy shots and dose
  • Anti-scatter grid that can be disengaged with the click of a button to accommodate pediatric patients
Optimal patient access for a comfortable environment.  Ergonomically focused features are designed to reduce fatigue and give you more control of the system and procedure.
  • The compact open-area tower provides space and full patient contact from all four sides
  • The integrated boom and articulating arm accommodate multiple monitor positions
  • Quickly and precisely position table for each procedure
Easy cleanup for faster room turnover. Clean up easier with a hinged, carbon fiber patient table top, fewer cables to work around, and an optimized mechanical design.


  • Large field of view – 17 inch x 17 inch dynamic digital flat panel detector
  • Superb resolution and grayscale with 2880 x 2880 resolution and 16 bit image processing
  • 32" inch high resolution LCD display monitor with picture in picture capability on articulating arms
  • Optimized detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of the dynamic digital flat detector
  • Diverse table top movements – elevation, transverse, longitudinal, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg
  • Precise imaging chain movement to fine tune field-of-view placement
  • Adjustable low table height (25.2 inches) with near 360 degree SmartAccess