ONE bold concept

  • ONE bold concept

    Smart and miniaturized technology secures easy integration of today’s and tomorrow's clinical advancements. The CARESCAPE™ ONE monitor meets your current needs and positions you for the future. By digitizing the signal acquisition closer to the patient, this innovative design with open architecture leaves wide space for technology advances. Acquiring new measurements will be as simple as adding more plug-and-play parameter micro-modules.
  • ONE flexible system

    Smart medical USB architecture enables dynamic parameter recognition to instantly adapt to patient acuities and care area needs, making this a powerful FlexAcuity™ solution. The CARESCAPE™ ONE monitor lets you quickly and easily choose the exact vital sign measurements each patient needs. Eight identical medical USB ports receive plug-and-play parameter micro-modules. Plug any CARESCAPE™ PARAMETER micro-module into any port—the monitor recognizes them automatically.
  • ONE durable design

    A system crafted with highly robust materials fits the most demanding clinical environments. Through a careful selection of chemical-resistant materials and modern industrial design, the CARESCAPE™ ONE monitor and CARESCAPE™ PARAMETER micro-modules meet your cleaning and infection-prevention standards. All components are built to resist breakage, cuts, abrasion, impact, and fluid ingress—all challenges of harsh clinical settings.
  • ONE ecosystem

    The CARESCAPE™ ONE monitor seamlessly integrates with your entire enterprise ecosystem throughout care areas with dedicated software packages for operating room, post-anesthesia care, intensive care, neonatal care, and emergency care areas.
  • ONE efficient service

    A singular platform and USB micro-module connections make it easy to maintain. By designing for serviceability, clinical engineering is able to easily replace and maintain components on-site. Every CARESCAPE™ ONE and CARESCAPE™ bedside monitor comes with a two-year preventive-maintenance schedule that reduces service costs. Additional warranty and service offerings are customizable to meet your specific needs. The CARESCAPE™ Service Interface allows clinical engineering to manage and troubleshoot your assets, saving time and resources. And the powerful Multi Monitor Manager enables remote upgrades, configure and secure your monitoring solutions.
  • ONE source of truth

    To give you a more complete and accurate patient health status, CARESCAPE™ ONE offers a wide range of basic to advanced clinical parameters from a collaboration with major manufacturers like Medtronic and Masimo. GE Healthcare's proven clinical algorithms are available across the entire CARESCAPE™ platform including EK-Pro, Qt/Qtc measurements and Marquette™ 12SL. They support you in quickly and simply identifying ptient cardiac changes. Combined with MUSE™ NX cardiology information software, it will help you to perform ECG serial comparison over time, following each patient’s individual health evolution.

Part of the CARESCAPE™ monitoring portfolio

CARESCAPE™ patient monitors are a family of scalable solutions you can customize for all patient-case types across your enterprise. Just as your care areas need to be adaptable, CARESCAPE™ monitors are inherently flexible and scalable, with customizable alarms and reports. From the ER through the ICU NICU, CCU, OR and PACU, CARESCAPE™ monitors help you care for any patient and respond to changing conditions with capabilities you can count on.

CARESCAPE Monitor B450

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