CARESCAPE Central Station

One source for data. Fast. Reliable. Compact.

CARESCAPE Central Station

The CARESCAPE Central Station transforms an ordinary central station into a clinician-centric workstation designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency. It brings you the clinical excellence you've come to expect, integrating monitoring and historical data from multiple sources, to help you make fast, confident decisions, all in a neat, space-saving package.

The system's expanded selection of hardware and display options provide extensive flexibility to suit your needs and to make the most of limited space, including an all-in-one system with a 16:9 touchscreen. Solid state drive, fan-less design and embedded speakers require fewer cables, and help improve overall system reliability and management.


Enjoy high uptime and peace of mind.

The CARESCAPE Central Station is designed for reliable, flawless performance – and for fast fixes and quick updates. It is built on a proven platform requiring few cables .The disk drive is solid-state; there are no cooling fans.

Best of all, with InSite™ ExC service, delivered by secure broadband connectivity,2 GE experts can help you diagnose and resolve many issues without waiting for an engineer’s visit.

In addition, biomedical engineers can access Webmin service administration tools from their workstations to support networked device troubleshooting. They can also download clinical and service package updates.


1. For Solar™ and Dash™ monitors and ApexPro™ telemetry, where the systems are limited to 24 hours, the central station will collect the 24 hours of trend data and will continue to collect additional hours, up to 72 hours, from these systems as long as the communications are not disrupted
2. Not available in all areas. Check with your sales representative for availability.