ApexPro FH Telemetry System

ApexPro FH telemetry relies on an exceptional, bi-directional networking infrastructure operating in the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) spectrum for dependable communication of vital patient information across the continuum of care. An access point-based, frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) infrastructure provides you with the capacity and flexibility to help meet your telemetry demands for centralized or decentralized monitoring.

Exceptional detection and analysis of patient data

ApexPro FH telemetry uses the EK-Pro clinical algorithm, which processes and analyzes up to five independent, simultaneous ECG leads for advanced arrhythmia monitoring and ST segment changes. Plus, an innovative Smart Leads Fail feature ensures monitoring and algorithm analysis are uninterrupted in the event of an electrode failure.

Dependable communication and robust design

  • Reliability without compromise

  • Durability is built in

  • Centralized and decentralized monitoring

  • Scale seamlessly

  • Why WMTS instead of Wi-Fi?

Supporting Materials

ApexPro FH Telemetry Brochure


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