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Optimizing Theranostics

Short ¹⁷⁷Lu scans

Dynamic 3D SPECT/CT²

Automated scan set-up

Our most advanced SPECT/CT was made to help fulfill the promise of nuclear medicine’s Theranostics revolution. ​

Optimizing the highly-targeted, personalized oncological care now made possible by Theranostics (therapeutics & diagnostics) requires accurate quantitation. This is what drove the creation of StarGuide. StarGuide attains resolution and sensitivity levels so critical in monitoring doses from therapy. Its next-generation CZT detectors are capable of imaging the dual energy peaks of 177Lu essential to Theranostics. ​

GE HealthCare’s most advanced SPECT/CT is a future-defining and future-proof breakthrough that will help expand the horizon of personalized treatment and transform Theranostics imaging innovation forever.​


StarGuide is capable of imaging the dual 113 keV and 208 keV peaks of Lutetium-177 (¹⁷⁷Lu), widely used in Theranostics.⁴


StarGuide’s short patient setup may help operators minimize their occupational radiation exposure due to time spent in close proximity to the patient. ​


StarGuide automates SPECT/CT reconstructions on its SmartConsole, which is optimized to host our latest reconstruction algorithms and applications.​

AI-enabled Xeleris V apps​

StarGuide’s Xeleris V solution features analytic apps powered by Edison™ to help discover, diagnose and evaluate treatment with efficiency. ​

Shape adaptive gantry​

StarGuide’s shape adaptive gantry–a ring of a dozen detectors–can help guide clinicians by narrowing the imaging field of view for great precision.​

It’s very impressive. StarGuide allows us to acquire patient data in the best conditions... The detectors are always as close as possible to the patient, which really improves spatial resolution and sensitivity…The most improved performance is the energy resolution. This is very impressive and it can help us to do dual isotope acquisition very easily.³

Gilles Le Rouzic

Medical physicist, Hospital of Orleans, France (2+ years working with StarGuide)

StarGuide is the culmination of GE HealthCare’s pioneering work in cutting-edge CZT technology. Its inclusion of numerous other innovative technical features makes it a vital Theranostics SPECT/CT tool.​

StarGuide’s 12 CZT Digital Focus Detectors attain exceptional energy and spatial resolution, striking the right balance of sensitivity and resolution.

Optical Scout performs a preliminary optical scan in seconds that creates an accurate topographical map of the patient.​

SmartConsole is our latest network-capable, image processing sub-system that automates StarGuide reconstructions.​

Swift Plan workflow is designed to simplify clinician interactions with a scanner as fast and sophisticated as StarGuide.

Dual-channel collimators, aligned to CZT pixels, enable higher​ resolution⁸.

Smart Subscription – MI means never having to worry about obsolescence. ​


StarGuide’s dual-axis table, convenient gantry display/controls, and many automated functions create an exceptional patient and operator experience.

The table, with carbon-fiber top, 500 lb. limit, and 22.2" lowest height, is designed to enable patient comfort. The dual-sided rulers and touch screens, quad-sided controls, and auto setup are designed to enable user productivity.


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Whole-body bone SPECT/CT ​

Lister offline app​

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CT Smart Dose​

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