Smart Subscription for MI

Molecular Imaging equipment that keeps getting better
At a Glance

MI devices that always provide the latest capabilities

Avoid obsolescence by getting the latest upgrades and updates as soon as they're available

Common capabilities at all sites

Reduce time spent managing multiple sets of protocols across different devices

Facilitate staff training and operations

No matter where Technologists work across the enterprise, they know the right protocol or application needed

See your entire MI department in a new light

Smart Subscription is the industry’s first subscription-based service for MI systems and applications. It helps solve the oldest challenge with buying imaging equipment: every time you buy a new system, you get locked-in to its capabilities even as new capabilities become available. Smart Subscription overcomes this, making it possible to keep your MI devices current with the latest individual or suite of applications.

With Smart Subscription, the capabilities keep on coming

Long purchasing cycles no longer set the pace of our application development process. Smart Subscription accelerates development so we can roll out the latest clinical applications quickly. Now, you can look forward to what’s coming because you know it will be at your fingertips as soon as it’s ready to go.

Recon & IQ Package

Get the latest reconstruction technology for your MI imaging device as well as advanced metal artifact reduction technology.

Advanced Reconstruction Package

Use the latest advanced reconstruction tools for CZT-based SPECT/CT and multi-vendor SPECT or PET/CT processing.

Cardiology Reconstruction Package

Increase imaging capabilities with advanced 3D motion correction and reconstruction tools for CZT-based cardiac SPECT, externally acquired CT attenuation correction and cardiac innervation image processing.

Neurology Package

Enable processing and review of DaT imaging, brain SPECT with HMPAO, ECD and IMP and brain PET with FDG databases to aid clinicians in the assessment and quantification of neurological pathologies.

Quantitation Package

Take your MI practice to the next level with applications for the concurrent review and quantitative assessment of general SPECT/CT or more specialized processing and evaluation of lung SPECT/CT.

Dosimetry Package

With the growing importance of theranostic procedures in a world of precise, personalized care, this set of applications provides for multi-organ planar and 3D PET/CT or SPECT/CT application with tools that help facilitate SIRT planning.

Third-Party Applications

Choose from an ever-growing selection of some of the industry's most innovative SPECT, SPECT/CT, and PET/CT applications all seamlessly integrated with Smart Subscription.

Not all packages are available for all products. Contact your GE sales representative for further information.

Pick the plan that’s right for you

You start with the base package with the option to add packages individually or subscribe to the Unlimited Edition for access to all of our packages. You can also choose to add packages individually as they become available. Regardless, it adds up to one low annual fee for each MI system.

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Not all packages are available for all products. Contact your GE sales representative for further information.