• Reliable and accurate fetal monitoring

    As part of our complete family of accurate fetal monitors, the Corometrics 170 maternal monitor noninvasively tracks a baby’s heart rate for non-stress tests to deliver accurate information. Compact, lightweight, and designed for antepartum applications in offices or hospitals, it’s readily available when mothers need it most—helping create a better birthing experience for mother and baby.
  • Accuracy for every detail

    When it comes to delivering the accurate information you need to optimize care for expecting mothers, the Corometrics 170 maternal monitor allows you to make quick and accurate clinical assessments with its rich set of features.

Enhanced fetal heart rate monitoring

  • Built-in dual digital interface

    Seamlessly connect a monitor to a Clinical Information System as well as to selected external monitors (such as DINAMAP® non-invasive blood pressure monitors or maternal SpO2 and FSpO2 monitors).

    Easy-to-read display

    Clearly presents information on fetal heart rate and uterine activity

Innovative, easy-to-use transducers

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