Adventure Series

Put children first with the GE HealthCare Adventure Series, an experience designed to make imaging more inviting and successful for pediatric patients.

Adventure Series

    Happy rooms. Happy kids.

    Through themed imaging rooms, GE HealthCare leverages captivating characters, lush visuals, and hands-on activities to enhance the imaging experience for children, their families, and hospital staff.
    A magic method

    The Adventure Series can improve the imaging experience and help hospitals differentiate themselves

    Reduce patient anxiety

    Engage children to help improve their coping skills and make the experience less traumatic.

    Improve outcomes

    When children are relaxed it may reduce the need for sedation and increase the chances of a successful scan.¹

    Differentiate yourself

    Create a unique patient experience to help stand out in a crowded market.

    Easy promotion

    Spread the word with customizable advertising materials in our marketing tool kit.
    Customize a room

    Promote what’s unique to your facility with your own customized Adventure Series room

    We offer the option to work directly with GE HealthCare to create an experience unique to your facility. The Adventure Series concept is great for imaging rooms, hallways, waiting rooms, uptake rooms, cafeterias, stress labs, exam rooms and more!

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    Meet the characters

    Patients are likely to discover certain traits they have in common with our loveable Adventure Series characters

    Marcellus the Monkey

    Marcellus is a "young fighter" who smiles and laughs even when times are tough. He is the group's clown, and because he’s lively and active, he has a hard time sitting still. But the others don't mind. They love sharing his antics, jokes, and bits of mischief.

    Tillie the Tiger

    Tillie is strong, both physically and mentally. No obstacle is too big to tackle. The word "cannot" is not in Tillie’s vocabulary! He likes to take charge and is the first to try anything new. Outgoing and popular, everyone wants to be Tillie's friend.

    Haley the Hippo

    Haley is sweet, lovable, and sometimes shy. The young hippo has the biggest heart in the world, and that love is contagious. Her fears stand out in the open for everyone to see. The others are always there for Haley with hugs and calming hand squeezes.

    Tara the Toucan

    Tara is the brains behind the friends' adventures. She is smart and loves to read, draw, and tell stories. The others constantly beg to hear her tales. Tara is a quiet leader. The others confide in her, knowing they can depend on their friend to listen.

    Support resources

    Adventure Series marketing kit

    Promote your Adventure Series themed imaging rooms with our customizable, pre-designed marketing kits.

    Adventure Series Handbook

    On this CD, you’ll find a set of tools you can use to help guide your young patients on a wide array of adventures that take place in your themed room.

    1. Statement based on anecdotal information gathered from facilities who have utilized the Adventure Series product at their facilities. Substantive clinical data not available.
    2. Sedation rate results may vary. Not every hospital will see a decrease in sedation rates, particularly to this level, but three customers have reported a decrease in the level of sedation rates occurring at their facility when utilizing the Adventure Series. Many factors beyond the use of Adventure Series can impact whether a reduction of sedation rates will occur at your facility.

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