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GoldSeal™ Refurbished MR Systems

GoldSeal offers affordable high-performance MR systems to help you make accurate diagnoses. The combination of clinical applications and technology improve imaging, while helping you manage data productively. GoldSeal refurbished MR systems help put leading-edge imaging capabilities within your budget.
SIGNA™ Artist
Optima™ MR450w GEM
SIGNA Creator E

SIGNA Artist

Our wide bore 1.5T MRI scanner is a masterful balance of convenience and productivity. SIGNA Artist has a patient-friendly design that maximizes comfort and system utility.

Improved patient experience

Patient-friendly design maximizes comfort

World-class user experience

Reduce user and reader fatigue with improved workflow capabilities

More channels for more possibilities

128 channels, the highest number in its class

Scalable and upgradeable design

Extend the life of your MR with sustainable innovations

Optima MR450w GEM

The Optima MR450w with GEM Suite continues our emphasis on patient comfort without compromising quality or capabilities. It combines the benefits of wide-bore imaging with GEM (Geometry Embracing Method), incorporating an approach to MR imaging that reflects the importance of conforming the geometry of the equipment and technology to that of the patients.

OpTix digital RF system

Signal digitization in the magnet room to help improve SNR

50 cm usable FOV

Accommodates larger patients

Acoustic Reduction Technology (ART)

Reduce acoustic noise for brain, spine, and MSK exams

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SIGNA Creator E

Built with the DNA of SIGNA, the pioneer of MR systems, SIGNA Creator E packs the diagnostic punch of leading-edge MR technology. It covers an impressive range of applications, is designed for ease of use and delivers excellent image quality and patient comfort while improving workflow and helping keep total cost of ownership.

Proven technology

1.5T refurbished magnet. Zero-boil off technology. 27% more SNR with OpTix RF

Extensive clinical capability

Motion correction with PROPELLER along with Diffusion Imaging with eDWI

Operation efficiency

34% less energy consumption than our previous generation MR

Ease of use

Slide bar, reduces 30 inputs with a single control. Express coil technology enables easy positioning

The GoldSeal advantage

With easily accessible technology, GoldSeal refurbished systems deliver on OEM quality

Selective process

Only systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal

OEM quality

OEM factory-trained technicians refurbish equipment to meet ISO 13485 certified OEM specifications

Latest software

Includes installation of the latest possible software release and original OEM parts

Competitive warranty

Includes a parts and labor warranty. Extended warranties and service contracts are available
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