Revolution™ EVO Gen 3

Paving the way to the future

Revolution™ EVO Gen 3 defies time by helping you surpass your day-to-day challenges at every step of the care cycle

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  • The challenge
    Optimize time of teams and patients, as well as calculate the right radiation dose for the right patient while delivering the right image quality.

    ASiR™ or ASiR-V*™1,
    ASiR™, the world’s most-used iterative reconstruction (IR) method, and ASiR-V*, the next generation of GE iterative reconstruction technique, allow you to routinely lower the exam dose while preserving or even enhancing diagnostic value.

    150+ Patient-size adjusted, dose optimized protocols (UW)
    Designed, developed and validated by experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for GE scanners for both adults and pediatrics.

    2 400 000+ exams collected with DoseWatch Explore* 
    Web-based, cloud-deployed solution to track, analyze and report practice-level dose data. Getting started with dose management has never been easier.

  • The challenge
    Obtain fast, high-quality images and avoid patient and staff disruptions.

    0.28 mm spatial resolution 
    High resolution, low-contrast detectability, and less noise and/or artifacts are crucial to clinical imaging. The newly developed Clarity imaging chain holds enormous potential to enable high resolution imaging for your daily routine.

    >1 min can be saved per exam
    Hands-free workflow so you can spend more time with your patient. One-stop scanning mode on the Xtream Display allows scan start in as few as five touches.

    Tube Watch
    Remote monitoring 24/7 and fixes at a more convenient time. It allows proactive part delivery and service scheduling to help maximize uptime by getting the scanner restored quickly. 
  • The challenge
    Deliver rapid, accurate, precise and confident diagnosis.

    Smart MAR*
    Designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping you utilize CT scans and diagnose disease with greater confidence.

    Smart Cardiac technologies* 
    Set up and perform complex cardiac procedures quickly, reliably, and repeatedly. Intelligent Motion Correction Snapshot Freeze2  is designed to reduce blurring artifacts due to motion in coronary vessels. 

    CT post-processing powered by AW*
    Clinicians using VolumeShare 7 reduced the reading time by approximately 20%3 which enhanced productivity and efficiency in diagnosing patients.
  • The challenge
    Do more in less time and be prepared for the future.

    Latest CT capabilities at your fingertips
    We designed Smart Subscription, a subscription service that provides convenient and continuous access to the latest available capabilities4.

    Optimize your performance with analytics 
    Reduce patient time in the waiting room, to improve your scheduling, to manage better the unplanned patients. 

TrueFidelity CT Images8*

Introducing a new era of image reconstruction.
Where deep learning does its learning matters.

A deep learning image reconstruction application is only as good as the training it receives.
GE Healthcare trained it’s reconstruction engine using a library of thousands of low noise, filtered back projection (FBP) images considered the gold standard of image quality.

Clarity Imaging Chain

To enhance spatial resolution

The Clarity Imaging Chain was completely redesigned for Revolution EVO Gen 3 to deliver high spatial resolution, so you can clearly see details as small as 0.28 mm.

The Clarity Imaging Chain features:

  • The Performix 40 Plus tube with its stable dual focal spot for better precision and its 0.35-second routine rotation speed for faster scan times.
  • Highlight Clarity detector inherited from the breakthrough technology introduced on Revolution CT.

Smart Flow Technologies with Xtream Display

Help you improve productivity

Designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining your workflow and access to information, Smart Flow technologies enable fast, hands-free patient positioning, exam prescription from the patient’s side, integrated injections, real-time reconstruction up to 55 images during the scan with Image Check and access to advanced applications right on the console. With the IQ Enhance pitch booster, you can scan a chest in as fast as two seconds with 175 mm per second acquisition speed to help shorten patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality.

Smart Dose Technology

Revolution EVO Gen 3 features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients. Dose management tools such as CT 4Kids dose-optimized pediatric reference scan protocols, 3D Dose Modulation, Organ Dose Modulation, Dose Check, DICOM DRSR and more are all at your fingertips. Revolution EVO Gen 3 is also compliant with NEMA XR 25 and XR 29 standards.

Smart Cardiac Technologies

Set up complex cardiac procedures quickly, reliably, and repeatedly, with Smart Cardiac tools are available on the Advantage Workstation*.

SnapShot Assist: Easily complete cardiac exams in as few as five beats with SnapShot Assist, which advises you of the best acquisition technique based on the patient’s heart rate and BMI.

SnapShot Pulse: Prospective gating with SnapShot Pulse allows for significant dose reduction in coronary imaging as compared to an ECG-gated helical acquisition mode.

SnapShot Freeze2: Reducing motion blurring in vessels by up to a factor of six, SnapShot Freeze facilitates your diagnosis by freezing coronary motion even in higher-heart-rate coronary CT exams. It delivers a 58 msec-equivalent gantry speed with an effective temporal resolution of 29 msec3.

Dual-energy Imaging

Dual-energy imaging allows easy configuration of back-to-back axial or helical scans of the same anatomy at two different X-ray energies (kVs).

The dual-energy data can be quickly post-processed right on the console or on the Advantage Workstation with easy image registration and one-click ROI ratio for simple analysis.

TrueFidelity CT Images8*

A vision that pushes imaging further with deep learning and you.

Deep learning image reconstruction promises unparalleled benefits for patients, along with the radiologists and technologists dedicated to their care. And after nearly half a century at the forefront of computed tomography, GE Healthcare is uniquely positioned to ensure this latest advance keeps its promise.

GE Healthcare pioneered and consistently pushed the science of image reconstruction further. TrueFidelity CT Images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement. They elevate the vision of what you and TrueFidelity can achieve—together.