Bringing automation to your CT Stroke workflow and assisting with communication between care team members.
At a glance

0-click workflow

Background processing of CT ischemic stroke work up

Automated email

Automatically send preprocessed images and functional maps to stroke team¹

AI‑based processing

Automated Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) detection,
powered by StrokeSENS²

0-click workflow

  • Background processing of LVO detection², mCTA and Perfusion³
  • Auto sends preprocessed images, LVO finding, functional perfusion maps and results in email¹ format to stroke team 

Seamless integration to Circle Neurovascular's StrokeSENS² AI-based processing tools

  • StrokeSENS LVO²
StrokeSENS LVO uses AI to identify Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) on CT Angiography.
  • StrokeSENS LVO automatically notifies the stroke team of suspected LVO cases within minutes of receiving the CTA image, supporting early engagement of the stroke team.
  • In the case a LVO is detected, Suspected LVO is written onto the input DICOM image (CTA or 1st phase of mCTA) and results are automatically included in the email notification, helping notify the stroke team of the time-sensitive case.

Interactive workflow

  • Intuitive workflow to quickly move through all acquired series
  • Intelligent loading identifies the series type and applies the appropriate layout and protocol 
  • Automatic synchronization of phases from multiphase CTA (mCTA)
  • Smart layouts automatically adjust to display up to 6 mCTA phases simultaneously
  • CTA images are automatically displayed in a thick 2D MIP at optimized WW/WL settings
  • ColorViz, an intelligent color-coded display enabling easy and confident identification of vascular enhancement timing 

Perfusion maps and tissue classification

  • Fully integrated with CT Perfusion 4D for visualization of perfusion functional maps³
  • Deep Learning brain ventricle segmentation to prevent ventricular matter inclusion in quantitative results and improve visual inspection of the maps
  • Automated computation of the functional maps
  • Tissue Classification map segmented from absolute or relative values, customizable thresholds and user selectable input maps
  • Mismatch volume and ratio calculated from the Modified Perfusion region and the Low Perfusion region


1. Available on AW Server. The email license may not be available in all countries or regions. Warning: This email is not intended for primary diagnosis. See PACS or dedicated review station for diagnostic interpretation of results. Warning: This email was generated automatically without prior user review.
2. StrokeSENS™ is legally manufactured by Circle Neurovascular Imaging, Inc. StrokeSENS license is a pre-requisite for StrokeSENS’ LVO within FastStroke. Not available for sale in all countries.
3. CT Perfusion 4D License is a pre-requisite for Neuro Perfusion maps calculation within FastStroke.
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