Revolution EVO

Revolution EVO

Designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Expand your service

Today’s healthcare environment is about creating new solutions to pressing needs. It’s about understanding how one CT exam can improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of providing care.

Advancing the role of CT is no longer just about technology. It’s about design. That’s the promise of RevolutionTM. Understanding your needs. And designing the best solution to meet those needs.

Revolution EVO is designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. It’s designed to support the widest variety of patients and applications, from complex trauma or cardiac cases, to large patient backlogs in busy emergency departments that strain workflows and resources.

With Revolution EVO, you can get the high resolution you need, make low dose routine and accomplish more in your day. It enables you to serve the widest variety of patients today - while positioning your institution to rise to the challenges you'll face going forward.

Revolution EVO is designed for you. For your higher purpose.

With Revolution EVO, you can:

  • See more clearly. The new Clarity Imaging System provides up to 100% better spatial resolution over previous GE CT scanners.1
  • Make low dose routine. Our innovative ASiR-VTM iterative reconstruction method lowers dose up to 82% for patients of all ages –- while still enabling you to maintain your work processes.1,2,3
  • Perform more studies in less time. With more intelligence and automation from patient preparation through post processing, you get up to 40% increased workflow efficiency.4
  • Grow into the future. Expand your services with advanced studies like TAVI planning, high heart rate CCTA and patients with implants.

Clinical Benefits

See more clearly

Revolution EVO is designed to provide the high-resolution, low-dose images and answers that increase your confidence—even when performing advanced procedures. It helps you stay on top of today's standard of care.

Improving spatial resolution by up to 100% over previous GE CT scanners enables the image clarity you need to see fine anatomical details, providing a pathway to a quick, confident diagnosis.1

Improved spatial resolution is enabled by the redesigned Clarity Imaging System – from the PerformixTM 40 Plus tube, to the Clarity detector and low-noise data acquisition system inherited from Revolution CT. 

Fast scanning for patients large and small 

With the increased weight limit of the Revolution EVO patient table and the improved low-contrast detectability and noise performance of ASiR-V, you can image patients weighing up to 675 lbs. and obtain diagnostic image quality with reduced noise and improved contrast resolution.1,2,3 

For pediatric patients, speed and low dose are critical. Fast, up to 175 mm/sec acquisitions enable a reduction in breathing artifacts, and ASiR-V ultra-low-dose capabilities allow you to image pediatric patients confidently. 

Grow into the future 

As new clinical and financial models evolve in healthcare, you need a CT that can help you attract new referring physicians, grow the services you offer and the patients you serve. ASiR-V low-dose capabilities make it ideal for pediatric scans, oncology and chronic disease follow-up. At the same time, Revolution EVO gives you the flexibility to expand your services with Advanced Applications powered by AW: 

  • Emergency and vascular. Scan trauma patients quickly and catch arterial phase enhancement easily without sacrificing image quality, with up to 175 mm/sec acquisitions enabled by high-pitch helical IQE and up to 0.35-second rotation speed. 
  • Oncology and chronic disease. Revolution EVO with ASiR-V enables ultra-low-dose imaging so that you can confidently provide a high-level of care to those patients that require multiple scans or frequent follow-up. 

Complex cardiac procedures performed quickly, reliably, and repeatedly 

Revolution EVO also gives you the flexibility to expand into advanced cardiac studies like coronary CTA and TAVI planning. 

A single acquisition with just one injection is all that’s needed to obtain high-quality images of the entire aorta and coronaries for TAVI/TAVR planning and follow-up. Freeze coronary motion in higher-heart-rate patients with an effective temporal resolution of 29 msec delivered by SnapShotTM Freeze. Freeze coronary motion in higher-heart-rate patients using SnapShot Freeze which delivers a 58-msec-equivalent gantry speed with an effective temporal resolution of 29 msec.5

Patient Benefits

Make low-dose routine 

Diagnostic images at the right dose add up to great care. That’s why it’s essential for you to limit your patients’ radiation exposure to just what’s necessary. To do that, you need a CT that makes it easier for you to lower radiation dose without making it harder to make the right diagnosis. 

Revolution EVO delivers several dose-lowering capabilities. Our innovative ASiR-V iterative reconstruction option is designed to reduce noise levels, improve low-contrast detectability and reduce dose by up to 82% in routine imaging for all exams and all patients.1,2,3

Additionally, a comprehensive collection of Smart Dose technologies helps you monitor, measure and manage your dose delivery and select the optimum parameters to ensure low dose and diagnostic images. Dose management tools such as CT 4Kids dose-optimized pediatric reference scan protocols, 3D Dose Modulation, Organ Dose Modulation, Dose Check, DoseWatchTM, DICOM DRSR and more are all at your fingertips.6

User Benefits

Perform more studies in less time

The only thing you can predict for sure about your workday is how unpredictable it will be. Unanticipated complex exams, large numbers of emergency department exams, add-on patients and patients who arrive late all put pressure on you to get more done in your day. You need a CT that helps you and your staff get through the chaos calmly and efficiently. Revolution EVO is designed to help you manage unpredictable patient loads and unexpected exam demands—quickly and compassionately. 

Revolution EVO features the latest in Smart Flow technologies designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining user workflow and access to information. With more intelligence and automation from patient preparation through post processing, you can perform more studies in less time and manage your patient flow up to 40% more efficiently.4

Reconstruction of images in real time helps you focus solely on the diagnosis of your patient. With Image Check, up to 55 images are reconstructed and available per second. For trauma patients, when the extent of the injuries is unknown, you can prospectively prescribe up to 10 multiphase reconstructions and easily prioritize which one you need first.

With IQ Enhance pitch booster, you can scan a chest as fast as two seconds with 175-mm-per-second acquisition speed to help shorten patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality.


Clarity Imaging System 

For Revolution EVO, we redesigned the entire imaging chain using the new Clarity detector inherited from the breakthrough technology introduced on Revolution CT.  

Performix 40 Plus tube 

At the beginning of the Clarity imaging chain, the Performix 40 Plus tube delivers exceptional performance. Its stable dual focal spot improves precision and its available 0.35-second routine rotation speed enables faster scan times. 


ASiR-V focuses primarily on more advanced noise and object modeling with added physics modeling to help reduce noise, improve low-contrast detectability, and reduce artifacts.

  • Routinely image with up to 82% less dose.1,2,3 Combining the speed of ASiR with added capabilities from Veo full model-based iterative reconstruction, the novel ASiR-V iterative reconstruction algorithm brings low dose and improved quality to routine imaging. 
  • Up to 100% better spatial resolution. ASiR-V has the capability to improve spatial resolution compared to FBP by allowing the reconstruction of higher-resolution images with no increase in image noise. 
  • Up to 135% improved low-contrast detectability. ASiR-V improves the detectability of low-contrast objects by up to 135% when compared to corresponding FBP reconstructions at the same dose. 
  • Up to 91% less image noise. Depending upon the scan technique and reconstruction parameters, ASiR-V can significantly reduce electronic image noise compared to FBP at the same dose. 
  • Less streak artifact. ASiR-V has the capability to reduce low-signal artifact, such as streak artifact, compared to FBP. 

Smart Dose technologies 

Revolution EVO features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients. Dose management tools such as CT 4Kids dose-optimized pediatric reference scan protocols, 3D Dose Modulation, Organ Dose Modulation, Dose Check, DICOM DRSR and more are all at your fingertips. Revolution EVO is also compliant with NEMA XR 25 and XR 29 standards.

Smart Flow technologies 

Designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining your workflow and access to information, Smart Flow technologies enable fast, hands-free patient positioning, exam prescription from the patient’s side, integrated injections, up to 55 IPS real-time reconstruction during the scan and access to advanced applications right on the console. With the IQ Enhance pitch booster, you can scan a chest in as fast as two seconds with 175 mm per second acquisition speed to help shorten patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality. 

Smart Cardiac technologies 

Set up and perform complex cardiac procedures quickly in as few as five beats, reliably and repeatedly, with Smart Cardiac tools on the Advantage Workstation.7

  • SnapShot Assist. SnapShot Assist advises you of the best acquisition technique based on the patient’s heart rate conditions. 
  • SnapShot Pulse. Prospective gating with SnapShot Pulse allows for a significant dose reduction in coronary imaging.
  • SnapShot Freeze. Reducing motion blurring in vessels by up to a factor of six, SnapShot Freeze facilitates your diagnosis by freezing coronary motion even in higher-heart-rate coronary CT exams, delivering 58-msec-equivalent gantry speed.5

Simpler scan solutions with dual-energy imaging  

Dual-energy imaging allows easy configuration of back-to-back axial or helical scans of the same anatomy at two different X-ray energies (kVs). The dual-energy data can be quickly post-processed right on the console or on the Advantage Workstation with easy image registration and one-click ROI ratio for simple analysis.

Image Gallery

Smart MAR

Our innovative, projection-based method delivers exceptional CT image quality

Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) is designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping clinicians utilize CT scans and diagnose disease with greater confidence.8

MAR offers the following benefits:

Exceptional image quality
MAR uses a three-stage, projection-based process to help deliver consistent, enhanced image quality that addresses both beam hardening and photon starvation artifacts.

Dose Conscious
MAR requires just a single scan to create an exceptionally clear image, helping you to deliver dose conscious care.

Streamlined workflow for patient comfort
The efficient, single-scan process helps to keep patient time inside the scanner short.

MAR is designed to enhance clarity across a range of cases with metal including scans with hip implants, dental fillings, screws or other metal in the body.

How it works:

Based on the latest in GE Healthcare smart technology, MAR uses an automated, three-stage projection based process to help improve the quality of CT data within the projection space, rather than in image space. This innovative, projection-based method helps to reduce photon starvation, beam hardening and streak artifacts caused by metal in the body, such as hip implants, spine screws and dental fillings. The projection space correction leads to images that are consistent with the uncorrected image and of exceptional image quality.

Stage One: Corrupted samples in the projection that correspond to metallic objects are identified.

Stage Two: Inpainted data is generated by replacing the metal corrupted projections with the corrected data. The corrected data is generated using the forward projection of the classified image.

Stage Three: The final corrected projection is generated using a combination of the original projection data and the inpainted projection, revealing anatomic details hidden beneath the artifacts.

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1. Low contrast detectability (LCD), image noise, spatial resolution and artifacts were assessed using reference factory protocols comparing ASiR-V and FBP. The LCD measured in 0.625 mm slices and tested for both head and body modes using the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT183, The Phantom Laboratory), using model observer method.

2. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR–V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. 

3. ASiR-V is an option on some configurations.

4. Actual results may vary depending on the circumstances, including but not limited to, exam type, clinical practice, and image reconstruction technique. This information was based on a simulation using the GE Healthcare OptimaTM CT660 device and is presented for illustrative purposes only.

5. As demonstrated in cardiac phantom testing.

6. DoseWatch is optional.

7. Optional.

8. Smart MAR is an option on some configurations.