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GE Healthcare Resuscitation Clinical Accessories

Ensure Safe and Effective Newborn Resuscitation

Designed to perform in the most critical of moments to support newborns, GE Healthcare's T-piece circuits offer the precision needed to help deliver consistent inflating pressures—protecting lungs and maintaining functional residual capacity.
  • Maintain Exact Pressure

    Easy-to-rotate PEEP control valve allows you to maintain exact pressure settings, even during extended use.

  • Control Inspiration and Expiration

    Thumb/finger port delivers 21% to 100% oxygen or free flow by simply placing one's thumb over the port.

  • Maintain Airflow

    Lightweight, flexible and crush-resistant tubing allows you to maintain airflow even when circuit is twisted.


GE Healthcare's T-Piece patient circuits are ergonomically designed to promote comfortable hand positioning, as well as single-handed breathing control. Verified clinical accessories, the T-piece circuits are compatible with the following maternal infant care products:
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