The Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System allows you to bring life-saving capabilities virtually anywhere in the hospital, from Labor and Delivery to NICU to the well-baby nursery - and gives you fast, easy, integrated access to critical equipment you need for safe, effective resuscitation of newborns.
  • Essential Capabilities You Need

    This exceptional system has been designed to meet the latest ILCOR recommendations, adopted by local resuscitation councils. It supports:

    • Both T-piece and Bag-and-Mask configurations
    • Effective airway management, with fully integrated suction
    • Controlled flow and pressure while delivering PPV.
    • Integrated high pressure yokes with blender for blended AIR/O2 delivery throughout stabilization
    • Connection options for both wall and cylinder gasses.
  • Innovations You Can Rely On

    Advanced capabilities such as these are standard equipment:

    • Full system integration to streamline setup and simplify protocol standardization
    • An innovative T-piece circuit for comfortable, single-handed breathing control
    • The design of the T-piece resuscitation system eases adjustment of the maximum inspiratory pressure to speed transition to the desired pressure level
    • A built-in pressure-priority valve insures the system - when connected to both wall and tank gas sources - draws from the wall first, thereby conserving tank gases for transportation.
  • All in a Compact Unit

    The Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System combines all these capabilities in one compact unit, providing:

    • Quick and unobstructed access to suction and oxygen delivery.
    • Built-in flow meters with two gas outlets, PIP control and a airway pressure manometer.
    • Flexible mounting options, from roll stand to GCX arms
    • Easy mounting on the Giraffe Shuttle transportable power source for intra-hospital transport


Our Stand-alone infant resuscitation system offers the following features:
    • Full integration of critical resuscitation features makes set-up easy and keeps the care area organized, and simplifies standardization of resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area.
    • The streamlined design puts all the tools right at your fingertips, giving you convenient and unobstructed access to suction, blended gases, and controlled positive pressure capability.
    • Flexible mounting options, from roll stands to GCX arms, lets you use it alongside any warmer, incubator, or hybrid bed in your facility. It's designed to easily mount on the Giraffe* Shuttle,1 giving you quick access to essential resuscitation equipment when moving the baby within the hospital.
    • Innovative T-piece circuit promotes ergonomically comfortable hand-positioning and single-handed control of breathing.
    • Built-in pressure-priority valve insures the system - when connected to both wall and tank gas sources - first draws from the wall, conserving tank gases for transportation.   



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  • Integrated Suction

    A venturi vacuum supplies continuous suction range from 0 to 150 mm Hg (0-20 kPa) as per local resuscitation protocol for clearing of the oral, tracheal and nasal passages. Suction control knob lets you adjust desired negative pressure.
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  • Integrated Pressure Manometer

    Conveniently located for viewing. Displays both the PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure) and PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure).
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  • PIP Control

    The Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) control knob and a flow meter regulate medical gas supplied to a dedicated T-piece outlet.
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  • Integrated Blender

    Eliminates the need for an external system and additional tubing. Regulate FiO2 from 21 to 100% oxygen with the control knob located on the front panel.
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  • Flow Meter & Control

    Primary flow meter and control knob let you set desired flow rate. A secondary flow meter outlet and control knob for free flowing oxygen blow-by.
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  • Blended Gas Outlet Ports

    Primary gas outlet port to connect GE’s T-piece circuit. Auxiliary gas outlet port to connect Oxygen tubing for blended free flow Oxygen.
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  1. An intra-hospital transportable power source that is an accessory to Giraffe* and Panda* beds.