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Art—like health—is universal. It knows no language, no prejudice, no limits.

GE HealthCare is committed to helping patients along the continuum of care, where every patient and every product has a story to tell. We curated this art and innovation showcase to allow you to step into the shoes of our patients and the healthcare community we serve, enabling you to get closer to the many personal experiences that demonstrate the timeless connection between better health and better care. These original works of art feature patients we know—some of them are even our colleagues. We dedicate our work to the billions of patients and healthcare workers we serve around the world every year, and the billions more we will continue to serve, by delivering on our purpose to create a world where healthcare has no limits.
Patient: Vivian King

The needs & challenges of stroke patients

At GE HealthCare, our mission is to work closely with our institutional partners to identify and understand the key challenges in managing stroke patients and delivering better outcomes and focusing our research and engineering efforts to develop solutions that address the emerging challenges. From the Revolution™ Apex platform with the best of modern CT technology to the powerful SIGNA™ MR system, these GE HealthCare solutions are delivering new options for those at risk of stroke. Patient Vivian King was not only a stroke victim, but had the courage to write about its effects in hopes of helping others. Her experience is paired with artist Justin Santora’s quiet and somber imagery.


Patient care journey

Vivian King is a former broadcast journalist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2013, Vivian was at an event and felt off. The last thing she remembers was taking a bite of sausage; 10 hours later, she woke up in a hospital. The stroke temporarily took away her power of speech but gave King a new perspective that she wanted to share. She wrote a book — “When the Words Suddenly Stopped: Finding My Voice Again After a Massive Stroke” — which describes her ordeal and what other women could learn from her experience.
Paired with patient Vivian King

About the artist

Justin Santora grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a degree in studio art and secondary education. Much of Santora’s work is focused around images of quiet rural or suburban settings, construction, decay, architecture, and large open spaces.

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