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Art—like health—is universal. It knows no language, no prejudice, no limits.

GE HealthCare is committed to helping patients along the continuum of care, where every patient and every product has a story to tell. We curated this art and innovation showcase to allow you to step into the shoes of our patients and the healthcare community we serve, enabling you to get closer to the many personal experiences that demonstrate the timeless connection between better health and better care. These original works of art feature patients we know—some of them are even our colleagues. We dedicate our work to the billions of patients and healthcare workers we serve around the world every year, and the billions more we will continue to serve, by delivering on our purpose to create a world where healthcare has no limits.
Patient: Carrie & Jacki Tereschenko

Early detection for breast cancer

Today, early detection is the best cure we have for breast cancer. GE HealthCare is committed to empowering clinicians to detect breast cancer at its earliest stage, reduce fear and discomfort, while customizing care based on each patient’s individual risk factors. We provide support across the breast care pathway including screening, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring.

New mammography systems like the Pristina™ and the Pristina Dueta™ control devices are helping to make examinations easier. Mother and daughter Jacki and Carrie Tereschenko share their stories of breast cancer and health choices. Their patient journeys are paired with the work of dance artist Ethan Kirschbaum through both his choreography and performance.


Patient care journey

Carrie Tereschenko is a GE HealthCare colleague who found out she was a BRCA1 carrier after her mom, Jacki, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jacki had lost 2 of her 3 sisters to breast / ovarian cancer and went into treatment head first to beat cancer. Carrie then made the decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy and oophorectomy. Her mom is now in remission for 5 years.

1 in 8

(about 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.¹

Paired with patients Carrie & Jacki Tereschenko

About the artist

Ethan Kirschbaum has performed with the Santa Fe Opera, and danced internationally including Canada, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, and Russia. Ethan is a freelance artist performing at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, choreographing locally, and teaching nationally as a guest to dance studios and university programs alike.

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