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    • Overview

      We are pleased to welcome you to GE's dedicated ultrasound website for emergency medicine!

      We want to make it simple for you to access clinically relevant information that can help you successfully incorporate ultrasound into your practice or continue your search for topics to help advance your knowledge. This is a site designed specifically for you, the emergency medicine physician, to provide one-stop access to ultrasound information.

      We hope you find this site valuable. Please contact us if there are other topics that you'd like added to this site.

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    The following organizations, books and websites have been gathered to provide you with a breadth of options for professional support and ongoing education.


    Practice Guidelines

    Education Webplaces


    Other Resources


    The following educational information is tailored specifically to the use of ultrasound in emergency medicine, and can be found online. To obtain more information about any of the topics listed below, click on the web site link provided.

    DVD Programs (Fees may be assessed.)

    Tutorials (Fees may be assessed.)

    Other Online Video Resources (Fees may be assessed.)

    • Courses

      We've identified the following ultrasound courses designed specifically for emergency medicine physicians. To obtain more information about the courses listed below, click on the web site link provided.

      SCCM Critical Care Ultrasound Courses

      2019 Dates TBD

      Introduction to Emergency and Critical C are Ultrasound
      September 11-14, 2018
      St. Petersburg, Florida

      This hands-on emergency ultrasound course is intended for any medical professional involved with performing emergency ultrasound examinations. Participants may include (but is not limited to ): emergency, trauma, critical care, surgeons, hospitalists, internal medicine, primary care physicians, PA's and sonographers.
      View course website to register.

      Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound & Critical Care Ultrasound
      September 13-14, 2018
      St. Petersburg, Florida

      The advanced emergency and critical care ultrasound course is designed to build on the knowledge base of experienced emergency ultrasound professionals.
      View course website to register.

      Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound
      The Emergency Ultrasound Course is a two day introductory course that covers all the primary applications of emergency ultrasound. The course is arranged so lectures are given in the morning with concentrated hands on lab experience in the afternoon both days.

      October 9-20, 2018
      Columbia, South Carolina

      November 10-11, 2018
      Dallas, Texas

      December 7-8, 2018
      Charleston, South Carolina

      January 14-16, 2019
      Park City , Utah
      View course website to register.

      Basic Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
      September 12-13, 2018
      November 7-8, 2018
      December 4-5, 2018
      Ohio ACEP Education Center
      Columbus, Ohio

      This course is designed to provide extensive training in the basic uses of ultrasound as an adjunct to patient care in a busy emergency department. More than eight hours of hands-on scanning practice are incorporated into this two-day course developed and taught by nationally known leaders in the area of ultrasound.
      View course website to register.

      Emergency Medicine Ultrasound/Point of Care Ultrasound
      September 5, 2018
      October 2, 2018
      November 8, 2018
      December 7, 2018
      Houston, Texas
      View course website to register.

      Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound/Next Level Point of Care Ultrasound
      September 7, 2018
      October 4, 2018
      November 10, 2018
      Houston, Texas
      View course website to register.

      Pediatric Emergency & Critical Care Ultrasound Live Webinar
      September 15, 2018
      St. Petersburg, Florida 

      Webinar objectives include: Increase the participant's knowledge to better perform and/or interpret pediatric emergency & critical care ultrasound examinations.
      View webinar website to register.

      Courses from Keith Mauny and Associates Ultrasound Training
      View course website to register.

      Major Meetings
      American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST)
      October 6-8, 2018
      San Antonio, Texas
      View website to register.

      American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
      October 1-4, 2018
      San Diego, California
      View website to register.


    The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. GE does not endorse any third parties or specific techniques.