X-Ray Quality Application

Aggregated data analysis to help you understand site-wide challenges and revenue impacts.
At a glance

Reduce repeat/reject rates

Track rejected images by technologist, exam type and reason

Increase throughput

Reduce non-value imaging and increase capacity for diagnostic exams

Plan targeting training

Access technologist name for every accession number

Help reduce unnecessary radiation dose

Displays EI/DI values across your department for analysis

Visualizing trends

Drill down to root causes and enable actionable insights with X-Ray Quality App’s visual dashboards

Technologist name from RIS

Access to actual technologist name for every accession number to enable targeted training

Multiple vendors

Rely on consistent and comprehensive data collected from 6 different vendors

EI/DI evaluation

Helps you optimize dose by displaying exposure/deviation indices for easy analysis.

ROI dashboard

Displays potential impact of rejected images in terms of opportunity lost of billable exams

QAP tracking

Tracks detector quality with visual dashboards to show trends and test results
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