Voluson on Tour: the Voluson Expert 22 Experience

You Set the Limits — now share in the experience, with the groundbreaking new Voluson Expert 22. Now touring, for a limited time, in a city near you.

Coming to a City Near You

We’re bringing the latest, most innovative technologies right to your doorstep. Come see the Voluson Expert 22 in person, and witness a milestone in the making. No need to wait for a rep to visit your office — experience the excitement firsthand, and immerse yourself in the possibilities.


For Trailblazers Like You

Women’s health is your life and your legacy. Your focus is now, but you’re already envisioning what’s next - finding answers to complex questions that have yet to be asked. That’s why we created the Voluson Expert 22. For pioneers. For groundbreakers. Because like you, we don’t just hope for a healthier future for women. We insist on creating it.

"The Voluson Expert 22 is a masterpiece of engineering with the best 2D image from thin to difficult scanning patients. This machine also has the best ergonomy and is the most customizable system ever produced. It is the best ultrasound machine I have ever used."

Prof. Rabih Chaoui

Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics - Berlin


Reveal the Invisible

Our powerful, adaptive architecture combined with unique probe technology will show you more than you ever thought possible for answers you and your patients seek - providing life-changing diagnoses and opening doors for the future you continue to shape.

Early Detection

Detect the Undetectable

With our unique features, you can uncover critical answers sooner, discover key insights, and simplify complex cases for faster assessment, detection, and diagnosis.

Workflow Efficiency

Achieve the Unachievable

Leverage groundbreaking tools, including artificial intelligence and automation, to remove obstacles and to drive daily imaging efficiencies to transform your day - so you can keep pushing what is possible.

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