Voluson™ Expert 20

Go Beyond Your Limits

Because you and your patients demand a high quality, high performing ultrasound system, the Voluson Expert 20 will help you discover life-changing answers with next-level imaging for faster assessment and diagnosis. Save valuable time with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation tools that help uncover new efficiencies at every step, taking advantage of future focused solutions.

At a glance

Expand Capabilities

Refine Clinical Insights

Accelerate Efficiency

Exceed Expectations

Expand Imaging Capabilities

Faster.Sharper. Clearer.

Generate spectacular 2D/3D and color Doppler images with increased penetration and stunning clarity, to help visualize critical details needed for diagnostic assurance. The Lyric Architecture unlocks new imaging and processing power to expand your imaging capabilities for years to come

Accelerate Efficiency

Save Time. Save Steps. Save Effort.

Experience a new level of efficiency with the highly intuitive and customizable ultrasound that promotes progress and productivity. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and easy-to-use automation tools that streamline workflows and make a real impact every day.

Support Excellence

A World of Possibilities

Education & Training

Maintenance, Repair and Remote Support Services

Updates, Upgrades, and Device Protection

Performance Optimization Solutions

Probe Repair and Hygeine Solutions

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