Versana Essential™ Ultrasound

Reliable world-class care with no compromise on quality


Easy-to-use system designed to support a wide range of applications


Smart features and automated tools to optimize workflow and productivity


A wide variety of affordable probes, software options, and user education

Affordable, comprehensive scanning capability with image quality that ranks with the best in its class

Versana Essential is a simple and accessible system that has broad applicability and is a great fit for private clinics, GP offices, and other specialists.

Simple. Effective. Accessible.

Experience a high level of patient-focused care with a simple, budget-friendly ultrasound solution that performs reliably and efficiently.

World-class imaging

When you invest in Versana Essential you benefit from decades of imaging expertise from GE HealthCare, a globally respected technology innovator and healthcare partner. And because you need a system that works the way you do, GE HealthCare ensured physician and clinician input was infused into Versana Essential. By incorporating applicable user insights into the development and design of ultrasound systems, GE HealthCare aims to streamline exam workflows and elevate the quality of care delivered. It also comes backed with robust GE HealthCare service and support coverage for your peace of mind.

A complete solution

Versana Essential is a durable and dependable member of the Versana ultrasound family. The system is a great fit for private clinics, GP offices and OB/GYN offices as it enables confident decision making for quick referrals that has attractive financing options to fit your budget while delivering high-quality care. The system is built to perform reliably, day after day, and offers diverse solutions to help you start fast, sharpen your skills, and stay ahead of the curve.

A course for the future

The Versana Essential platform is designed to scale to suit your practice today and grow with you. You can rapidly build your diagnostic confidence—and your patients’ comfort and confidence in you—with a range of transducers and applications that can enhance the amount of information you see during patient exams. Adaptability is key with Versana Essential. Versana has the ability to meet your practice needs now by offering software and quality probes capable of multiple applications as well as offering a team of experts close at hand to support you during and after purchase.

Versana Essential at a glance

Whizz Dynamic Imaging Tuning

Push a button to automatically optimize an image as you scan

Whizz Color Flow and Whizz Spectra

Quickly optimizes the image clarity and spectral data to enable a clear diagnosis

Scan Coach

Determine a proper scan plane through 3D animations, anatomic illustrations, and ultrasound images.

Productivity packages¹

Utilize anatomy-specific productivity pages that leverage LI-RADS® and TI-RADS®

Get the most from your Versana Essential system

An extensive probe family

Choose from a wide range of ultrasound probes2 for a comprehensive range of exams

Training, support and resources

We promise to be with you every step of the way, from helping you select the right product, to education options and end-of-product life solutions.

Versana Club. Learn, network, share.

The Versana Club offers ultrasound training to help you improve skills, network with others, and share your knowledge.

  1. Available on Versana Essential R2.
  2. Probes availability may differ from region to region.

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