ViewPoint™ 6 Ultrasound Reporting Software for Radiology

Unlock the full potential of your radiology department. This cutting-edge solution helps improve efficiency by channeling data straight into the dictation system, simplifying workflow, and helping eliminate transcription errors.
At a glance

Facilitates communication

ViewPoint 6 DirectConnect reduces the need for dictation and manual entries

Standardized workflows

Aligned to medical guidelines and configurable to your hospital needs

Efficient report creation

Digital sonographer worksheets enable fast and comprehensive reporting

Effortless integration

Automate the data flow from your ultrasound to ViewPoint 6, EMR, and PACS solutions

Prioritize your focus on patients with an automated reporting process

Free up time to focus on what you do best — not tasks like manual data entry, transcription, and proofreading. With automatic data transfer, regulated workflows, time-saving documentation, and broad compatibility with existing systems, ViewPoint 6 frees you from burdensome duties so you can deliver better care.
Product details

Optimize workflow to focus on what's important

ViewPoint 6 simplifies the way you work so you can focus on interpreting images rather than paperwork and reporting. By removing the need to dictate measurements from handwritten worksheets scanned into PACS, we help eliminate errors and enhance your workflow.
Simple reporting

Create complete and accurate ultrasound reports in fewer steps with standardized templates and tools

ViewPoint 6 eliminates paper worksheets and manual data entry so your sonographers can efficiently create comprehensive electronic worksheets. A study showed that sonographers using ViewPoint 6 to complete a digital sonographer worksheet saved on average 4 minutes 42 seconds per exam¹ compared to doing the task by hand. For an average-sized radiology department, this could save 20 hours of sonographer time per week.

Beyond transferring measurements, ViewPoint 6 also enables staff to include graphics, diagrams, images and exam details in a consistent, easy-to-read format.

Efficient workflows

Make daily operations easier, faster, and more practical with a solution that adapts to the way you work

ViewPoint 6 is configurable. You can adapt its easy-to-use exam documentation screen exactly to your needs. With Quick Reports you can define templates for common findings to speed up routine work. Standard sonographer worksheets also support ACR TI-RADS™ and BI-RADS®, and are adaptable to your specific protocols.

Effortless integration

Easily integrates with your existing IT systems, whether HIS, RIS, PACS, or EMR

The full integration of ViewPoint 6 into your IT infrastructure allows for a more efficient flow of patient information. While ViewPoint 6 is compatible with most ultrasound consoles, it demonstrates even more robust capabilities with GE HealthCare's LOGIQ™ family of ultrasound systems.
Advanced image management

Bring more capability to your workstation with 4DView

You can review, re-measure, annotate, or delete images in ViewPoint 6 before sending the images to the PACS for final storage. You can also perform 3D volume post-processing using 4DView. 4DView is fully integrated with the ViewPoint 6 patient record, so your patient information is always accessible in one convenient location.

Secure your software investment

Ensure optimal functionality and long-term value via timely updates, security patches, technical and clinical support, and access to ongoing educational capabilities.

Ultrasound IT Academy

This product training portal offers video tutorials and guides to help you optimize outcomes and maximize utilization.

Reliable support

Our experienced clinical experts, engineers, and support teams can address unique requests to make sure your needs are met. The optional Software Management Agreement (SMA) provides access to support, software updates, and gives you access to the Ultrasound IT Academy.

  1. An internal, side-by-side comparison study was performed by GE HealthCare. Five sonographers completed sonographer worksheets manually and with ViewPoint 6 for five exam types; Abdomen, Carotid, Lower Extremity Arterial, Pelvic, and Thyroid. Both manual and digital sonographer worksheets required the same types and number of sonographer inputs. The average time saved by utilizing ViewPoint 6 for digital sonographer worksheets was 4 minutes and 42 seconds per exam. Assuming 10 exams performed by a sonographer per day. Assuming a staff of 5 FTE employees each performing 10 exams a day. Illustrative example. Actual results will vary based on your institution’s circumstances.

Optimize your workflow with ViewPoint 6.