LOGIQ™ 𝘦 Ultrasound

At a Glance

Imaging on the go

Six layers of defense

Sanitize with ease

Wide range of transducers

See clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely.
Those were the values users requested that drove the creation of the LOGIQ 𝘦.

Its imaging engine comes from GE Healthcare’s flagship console systems, delivering crisp images in a compact package. Point-of-care-specific software and transducers help you see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly. The system includes innovative features to help simplify point of care procedures and enhanced cybersecurity measures from the Windows® 10 operating platform.

Empowering Point of Care Medicine


The LOGIQ 𝘦’s specialized software and transducers help you keep up with treatment advances and simplify interventions.


The LOGIQ 𝘦 was built to help make you fast. The highly portable system easily moves from patient to patient.


Diagnostic or guidance, image quality matters.

Empowering Point of Care Medicine

Designed for Anesthesiology

Designed for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Designed for Rheumatology


Product Tutorials

Watch a variety of instructional videos highlighting system overviews, key features, image optimization and more for the LOGIQ 𝘦 Ultrasound System.

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