OEC MiniView MAX

Maximize your workflow with clear and efficient extremity imaging and be ready when needed 


Impressive detail in same size Live and Reference images


Minimize distractions with single-button SmartLock


Quick transport with 5-minute standby power

The OEC MiniView MAX enables surgeons to single-handedly capture clear, large images in surgical suites or clinical settings every day.


Maximize your workflow

Exceptional clarity

Confidently see same size 11.8" (30 cm) Live and Reference images to aid in procedure assessments.

Visualize fine anatomical details such as trabecular patterns or hairline fractures, imaged with a 15 cm x 15 cm detector and presented on a 27" 4K display.

Efficient workflow

Streamline your workflow with
OEC MiniView MAX and experience a C-arm designed to be easily positioned with one hand, secured in place with single-button SmartLock, and readily accessible imaging functions at the X-ray tube control panel.

Seamless transition 

From changing room set-up between
patients to transporting between rooms,
OEC MiniView MAX enables a seamless transition without data loss or delays thanks
to the 5-minute standby power, compact design, and secure transport position.


Additional features of OEC MiniView MAX


When imaging lower or upper extremities, easily position the detector around patient anatomy


Reduce dose with features such as Live Zoom, Fluorostore, and a green laser aimer


Cine record and playback images to efficiently review joint dislocations


Plan procedures such as implant placements with Digital Pen, annotations and measurements

OEC MiniView MAX

Maximize your workflow

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OEC MiniView MAX is registered as OEC Elite MiniView