A true 3D/2D intraoperative imaging C-arm for precise and efficient imaging every day.
At a Glance


19 cm3 CT-like images presented intraoperatively in minutes


Volume Viewer presents five 3D perspectives and advanced analysis tools


Memory positions for quick position recall and light weight to move around room


A 3D C-arm for every day:  from spinal fusion or orthopedic fractures to angiogram and stent placement

3D imaging every day

True 3D and 2D imaging flexibility. Transitioning quickly and easily provides greater efficiency and versatility for a wide range of clinical applications from spine and orthopedics to cardiac and vascular. Finally, a 3D C-arm that every surgical suite deserves.

Additional 2D Imaging Features


Multiple features to reduce dose,
including Live Zoom fluoro or Cine 


Premium 2D imaging from general
surgery to interventional cardiology


Minimize X-ray with Live View camera
when positioning detector 


With OEC familiar interface, every day utilization is easy

Precise and efficient

Expansive volumes

See more levels during a spinal fusion, or more of the pelvis or femur during an orthopedic procedure. With a 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm volume, OEC 3D captures a 67% greater volume than other 3D C-arms*.

Precise analysis

The OEC 3D leverages GE Healthcare’s proven AW image fabric technology to provide a premium 3D imaging experience. Analyze images with the Volume Viewer suite of 3D imaging tools including Multi-Oblique Mode, scrolling through all 512 slices, window leveling, zoom, and more.

Open interface

With an open platform, the OEC 3D can integrate seamlessly with navigation and robotics systems. The OEC Open dedicated port can export high-fidelity 3D data set to navigation or robotics system that accepts DICOM images.

Precise and Efficient Imaging Every Day

*Compared to other 3D C-arm published specifications.

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