AI Expedites Biopharma Product Deployment and Go-to-Market

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Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Dynamic Health IT Ecosystems

Whenever new and complex technologies are introduced to the market, managing them is not easy. Particularly with AI, this process requires in-house hiring to acquire the right skills, training, and redeployment for existing staff—but even then, cultivating this experience can take years to bear fruit.

Moreover, artificial intelligence leverages Real-World Data (RWD) sources to extract relevant data-driven insights, which can then be applied across the entire healthcare continuum. Such insight is called Real-World Evidence (RWE) and must be derived from RWD sources.

Siloed healthcare IT systems and data sources reduce data agility, limiting the capacity for RWE generation in Biopharma. Since AI is fueled by RWD and RWE, a lackluster data foundation significantly reduces the capability for AI technology to provide clinical decision support (CDS). As healthcare partners are added into the fray, combining siloed data and novel IT systems across multiple companies further exacerbates this problem.

Creating a Health IT Ecosystem That Optimizes Resources, Data, and Clinician Workflows

When implemented correctly, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics helps Biopharma to overcome difficult healthcare challenges. Biopharma companies need to streamline product deployment, expedite time-to-market, and achieve wider business goals through AI-driven insight. For the AI to work optimally, however, the IT ecosystem must act as a bridge between data sources and clinician workflows in the healthcare environment.

Edison™ Digital Pharma Solutions builds that essential bridge. Healthcare companies are contending with increasingly dynamic IT ecosystems, and Edison™ AI Managed Services significantly reduces the IT burden when hosting AI healthcare algorithms. By leveraging our data workflows and clinical expertise, Biopharma companies have a solution/way to seamlessly deploy FDA-approved AI algorithms faster. Our goal is to expand the adoption of AI in healthcare, driving digital transformation and software innovation in pursuit of Precision Health® for all.

Zero Maintenance: Extend AI Healthcare Capabilities Without Increasing the IT Burden

With AI Managed Services, the simple goal is to manage the underlying infrastructure and technologies that enable AI to work. We integrate AI-driven clinical decision support (CDS) directly within existing clinician workflows. The result is AI augmentation right at the point of care, extending CDS across a broad number of healthcare environments with full regulatory compliance.

The Edison™ Developer Program has assisted with the deployment of 50+ AI algorithms to market. At all stages, AI Managed Services can help developers and AI providers with KPI measurements and reporting data to accurately monitor performance, uptime, and operational cost. This insight is always on and available in real time, elucidating key metrics relating to the health of live AI algorithms.

With a fastidious wing-to-wing approach, AI Managed Services can be tailored to the specific needs of Biopharma companies. The service accommodates for varying algorithmic capabilities and can be customized for healthcare provider deployment preferences such as on-premises or the cloud.

AI Managed Services enables Biopharma to focus on developing and improving algorithmic capabilities. Tedious and time-consuming AI hosting workflows are handled by the specialists at Edison™ Digital Pharma Solutions, so AI developers can focus on clinical needs and AI software development.

Efficient and Compliant FDA-approved AI Algorithm Hosting

For more efficient and compliant hosting of the FDA-approved AI algorithms you need to leverage innovations that:

  • Enable the running of pharmaceutical AI algorithms
  • Deploy targeted AI algorithms anywhere in the healthcare continuum.
  • Provide fully compliant data access supplemented via role-based access controls (RBAC).
  • Deliver rapid access to healthcare data through existing PACS and VNA infrastructures.

Edison™ Digital Pharma Solutions is your single trusted source for vendor-agnostic healthcare AI services, driving efficiency for AI innovations. To explore your AI future on Edison,™ contact our Health Tech experts.