Optima XR240amx powered by Helix

Designed to be the highest resolution pediatric capable mobile X-Ray systems in the industry.

Some of healthcare's most critical points of care occur in complex environments. Like in the ER, where immediacy is essential. Or in the NICU, where temperature is carefully controlled. Situations like these make it difficult to get the important diagnostic insights you need from a fixed radiography room.


Every Patient becomes the point of care

We designed our digital mobile X-ray system, Optima XR240amx, with these complex care areas in mind. Its high resolution 100 micron digital detectors, FlashPad HD, enable you to see fine details with exceptional contrast.

Technology that adapts to the environment you need it in

Optima XR240amx includes two different detector sizes. They are thin, light and can be used with your surgical table to quickly get the image you need. In most cases, you can slide the 14-inch by 17-inch detector directly in the surgical table or position with accessory positioners. Its unique adaptive wireless technology enables automatic channel switching to improve image transfer and avoid wireless interference with other surgical equipment on the hospital network.

Listen to your peers

  • DR. Vo

    Optima XR240amx Pediatric Imaging Testimonial

    Listen to our expert Dr Vo, Chief of Pediatric Radiology,Pediactric Diagnostic & Vascular Interventional Radiologist,Medical College of Wisconsin - Associate Professor of Radiology.
  • Optima XR240amx St. Luke's Bethlehem Testimonial Video

    Listen to our three experts from St Luke’s University Health Network:
    - Donna L. Nagle, RT (MR) (R), Radiology Manager
    - Dr. Dean Tyrell, D.O., Radiologist
    -Jennifer Murphy, CNMT, RT (R,N,CT), Imaging Supervisor

Optima XR240amx - Elevating the way you work with quick workflow solutions

  • AutoGrid

    Equivalent image contrast to a physical grid
  • Critical Care Suite

    Embedded Artificial Intelligence for triaging a critical finding.
  • HIS RIS Link

    On the go exam close out
  • QuickCharge

    Dual detector in-bin charging
  • QuickConnect

    Adaptive wireless connectivity
  • QuickEnhance

    1-touch custom image reprocessing for line placement and more
  • QuickShare

    Hassle free sharing and paring of multiple wireless detectors
  • Secondary Monitor

    Flexible positioning and viewing in critical care areas
  • RFID Badge Access

    Easy swipe RFID badge log-in and log-off capability
  • Critical Care Suite¹

    GE Healthcare’s X-ray systems are “Getting Intelligence!”, with Critical Care Suite1 applications dedicated to bringing AI capabilities at the point of care to help the clinical care team prioritize cases that present critical findings in frontal chest X-ray images.
  • QuickEnhance: Point of care imaging solutions at your fingertips

    Anatomy specific customized visualization of lines, instruments, implants, and more

Data isn’t just about looking backwards. It helps you plan the future.

  • X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics.

    Zero in on root causes of rejects, enhance training, drive efficiency and help reduce dose.
    Optima XR240amx is compatible with GE’s X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics. Connect automatically to compatible X-ray systems, and use web-based dashboards to manage quality assurance. Uncover the root cause of rejected X-ray exams, plan targeted training and help reduce unnecessary radiation dose.

  • iCenter asset management software platform

    Optimize utilization of your X-ray equipment. Balance workload using the full power of healthcare data analytics.
    iCenter empowers you with data and analytics for valuable insights into the utilization and workload of your X-ray assets, to help when making strategic decisions concerning workflow optimization.

Ready when you are

  • X-ray service and support

    Our X-ray systems, applications and support never rest, so you can focus on your patients.
    GE X-ray machines are fully supported by over 2700 expert field engineers you know and trust. Our Advanced Service Technologies4 help you maximize uptime and ensure your X-ray system is ready when you are.

  • Insite™ remote connectivity

    Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for fast resolutions, often without a field engineer visit.
    Remote applications assistance with engineer connecting online in real time.

    OnWatch proactive monitoring, helping detect issues so they can be resolved before downtime occurs.

    iCenter™ asset management software platform with detailed service records, contract information, and device utilization reports, all available anytime through a web portal.

  • Education

    Get the education you and your team need to stay sharp.
    GE Healthcare offers product and clinical education to help you and your team stay sharp. From intensive technical and clinical product training to our extensive continuing education opportunities for technologists and radiologists, we can help you meet your training needs, online and onsite.

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