Versatile configurations

OTS console

Auto angulation

Auto tracking

Reverse tracking

Quick charge

Elevating table

FlashPad™ HD detectors


IP Looks

IQ Compare


Definium™ Tempo advanced clinical applications


Auto Image Paste¹

Follows the contour of spine for vertical equalization enabling a natural balance of brightness and contrast along the patient body

Dual Energy Subtraction¹

Eliminate obstructions from overlying bones, while providing additional information on calcifications in chest and abdomen studies


Helix™ 2.1 advanced image processing


Advanced algorithms

Advanced algorithms and on-device artificial intelligence (AI) for automated brightness and contrast enhancement deliver improved noise reduction and consistency despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions

Anatomy specific enhancement

Harnessing the ultra-high resolution and dose efficiency of FlashPad™ HD, anatomy specific image enhancement can increase the detectability of fine structures up to 40% for exquisite bone detail and clear delineation of soft tissue¹

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