Definium™ 656 HD

At a glance
Motorization and auto-positioning

Motorization and auto-positioning

Automated in-room workflows

Automated† in-room workflows

3D camera technology apps

3D camera technology apps

Advanced applications and IQ

Advanced applications and IQ


Definitive insights. Exceptional experience.


A system designed for effortless, effective, and efficient imaging


Advanced technologies minimize variability and improve diagnostic confidence


A system designed to protect, support, and further your radiology department

Empower technologists with streamlined workflows, automated component movement and synchronization.

In-room workflows with the Definium OTS console

Automated workflows

Automatic motorized OTS movement

Synchronized component movement at the wall stand and the table


Keep your eyes on the patient when you can’t be in the room

To get the best image the first time, a camera on the x-ray tube head sends live streaming video of the patient imaging area to the acquisition workstation console. This allows technologists to monitor patient status, positioning, and movement before an x-ray is taken.

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Make the first image count with the Intelligent Workflow Suite†

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Position Assist†

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Technique Assist†

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Patient Snapshot†

Make clinical decisions confidently with enhanced image clarity, contrast, and resolution

GE x-ray image chain with FlashPad HD detectors

Advanced Application – VolumeRAD™ Digital Tomosynthesis†

Advanced Application – Angulated Auto Image Paste†

Advanced application – Dual Energy Subtraction†

Helix 2.2 Advanced Image Processing

Advanced image processing applications for custom image looks


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