Portrait™ VSM Vital Signs Monitor

Care with confidence
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Patient care

Delivers greater measurement flexibility and enhanced EWS capability

Complete rounds with ease

Optimizes patient rounding so you can spend more quality time with patients

Legacy meets next generation

Accommodates the way you need and want to work with intuitive features

The next evolution of the DINAMAP™ vital signs legacy

Building on the trusted DINAMAP legacy with innovative and future-focused capabilities, the Portrait VSM vital signs monitor provides measurements you can count on while increasing patient comfort and efficiency. Automated workflow and customization options simplify your patient admissions, routine spot checks and observations—giving you more time with patients.

Designed to enable you to spend more time with patients

The Portrait VSM vital signs monitor delivers the clinical excellence and workflow efficiencies you expect, but with the next era of healthcare in mind. It has the features you need to help provide better patient care.

Enhancing patient comfort and NIBP measurement performance

Trust speaks volumes in patient monitoring, which is why the Portrait VSM vital signs monitor uses proven1 DINAMAP SuperSTAT NIBP technology to provide precise, accurate readings for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Using the same advanced parameters and algorithms as other higher acuity GE HealthCare monitors, it ensures measurement consistency across all care areas.
  • “Smart cuff” pressure control helps quickly evaluate data without compromising quality.
  • The SuperSTAT algorithm assesses the presence and level of motion artefact by measuring the consistency of the pulse shapes.
  • Digital signal processing provides enhanced sensitivity and can detect NIBP values on much smaller signals.
Improved care

Features to help provide better patient care

The Portrait VSM vital signs monitor is a compact but powerful device with capabilities to help you provide better patient care and make rounds easier.
  • Round Advisor™ helps make your workflow more efficient and easier when you need to do spot checks for multiple patients—providing patient observational data, and optional EWS, in one easy-to-view screen.
  • Early Warning Scores help you to effectively monitor deteriorating patients’ conditions and make timely interventions, all while limiting manual calculations and transcriptions.
  • Up to seven EWS protocols, which include MEWS and NEWS2, and a configuration tool allow for five customised profiles, defined by your facility.

A full set of pulse oximetry options

The Portrait VSM vital signs monitor allows caregivers to choose from three fully proven SpO2 measurement technologies:
  • TruSignal™ SpO2 technology exceeds the accuracy requirements standards for both normal and challenging patient conditions, providing accurate measurements for low perfusion, and motion conditions in all patient populations.1
  • Masimo SET® gives you the benefit of Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry for oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and perfusion index (PI).
  • Nellcor™ OxiMax alert parameter and SatSeconds alarm management feature provide early warning of evolving oxygenation compromise without nuisance alarms.

The right temperature option for you

Providing flexibility for how you want to work, the Portrait VSM vital signs monitor offers three leading temperature technologies:
  • Exergen TemporalScanner™ is a skin probe that is as accurate as rectal, esophageal and artery thermistor thermometers and suitable for all ages.
  • Welch Allyn SureTemp® enables capture of 4- to 6-second oral temperatures, 10- to 13-second pediatric axillary and rectal temperatures, and 12- to 15-second adult axillary temperatures.
  • HeTaiDa Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer requires minimal patient involvement to obtain quick, accurate results in a non-touch hygienic manner.

Simple workflow with seamless connectivity

Today’s caregivers have a lot of ground to cover; that’s why the Portrait VSM vital signs monitor has a digital workflow that’s based on the way real-world users prefer to work.

It features the ability to use barcode scanning for patient and caregiver identification, touchscreen capability to easily see what you want to see, and a direct seamless EMR connection for easily sending vital signs, EWS, and more directly to the patient record.

Plus, it can connect to an EMR through two, reliable and easy methods: any HIS system through the HL7® interface engine or through Cerner™ Millennium™ EMR via CareAware™ VitalsLink™.

In other words, efficiency is built right in.

Experience versatility that saves time and Optimizes resources

Adapting to care areas and patient needs, the Portrait VSM vital signs monitor adjusts easily to these challenges, taking advantage of today's advances in technology in a future-focused design.

The Portrait VSM vital signs monitor offers true flexibility by bringing together standard spot check capability with continuous monitoring, and it may be mobile on a roll stand or wall-mounted.

It can transfer configurations to other Portrait VSM monitors using a USB connection, connect to an enterprise network with wired and wireless options, and maintain data when its battery is discharged.

Plus, it’s designed for high uptime with straightforward and less time-consuming serviceability.
  1. The data collection and data analysis for this study was conducted in 2019 by an independent third party. The data from this study is stored in GE HealthCare’s internal quality record system under reference DOC2452066. Data collection for all devices was done in accordance to a strict protocol to ensure fair comparison. The results from this study can only be interpreted under those specific test conditions and do not reflect usage in a standard clinical environment.

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