CARESCAPE Canvas™ monitoring platform

Flexing the art and science of patient monitoring
At a Glance

One unified solution

Standardized patient monitoring platform for precise patient care.

A FlexAcuity™ solution

Flex capabilities based on individual patient needs across the enterprise.

Clinical excellence by design

Cutting edge parameters & algorithms built on over decades of excellence.

Design excellence

Highly responsive, easy-to-clean touchscreen with 360° alarm viewing angle.

One monitoring solution. Everywhere.

CARESCAPE Canvas is a unified monitoring approach for your entire hospital ecosystem. It offers individualized monitoring of patients and bed-specific scalable levels of acuity while retaining the same intuitive user experience everywhere.

CARESCAPE Canvas monitors

Can you find one sustainable monitoring solution for years to come?

The comprehensive, modular CARESCAPE portfolio preserves the value of your current investments. It is a forward-looking solution to enable your care transformation far into the future.

Standardization enables efficient fleet management and easy training

CARESCAPE Canvas supports diverse care pathways and the latest standards of care. From the patient admission to the hospital and throughout various care areas, the CARESCAPE Canvas solution can adapt to virtually any patient need, helping you deliver consistent quality care across beds and units. Parameters are easily added through miniaturized plug-and-play micro-modules. Managing, assembling and maintaining your fleet is convenient, and caregivers have access to the same, familiar user experience everywhere. The standardized CARESCAPE Canvas monitoring solution may help increase efficiency in training and simplify maintenance.

Because no patient is the same

With unpredictable and rapidly evolving disease trends and changing patient needs, flexibility is the key to successful outcomes. CARESCAPE Canvas is a FlexAcuity solution with micro-module technology for complete data continuity and full flexibility across multiple care areas. Innovative FlexAcuity software and measurement technologies, wide choice of parameters, fully licensed software and modular hardware, CARESCAPE Canvas platform can be adapted to individual patient needs and care settings to seamlessly transition across the enterprise.

Sustainable lifetime value for years to come

The comprehensive, modular CARESCAPE portfolio preserves the value of your current investments. It is a forward-looking solution to enable your care transformation far into the future. For example, the new CARESCAPE Canvas monitors are compatible with the existing CARESCAPE ONE monitor, Patient Data Module and CARESCAPE micro-modules.

Efficient uptime without compromising patient care

We provide secure and fast support for your patient monitoring fleet with variety of service solutions and digital support tools. Our flexible service offerings are powered by InSite™ Remote Service Platform RSvP™. Remote connectivity to GE HealthCare support experts enables fast resolution to your inquiries. We support continuous software updates and upgrades to keep your device secure and updated. Training and education, essential consumables and accessories support enables a sustainable lifetime value for your monitoring fleet. The standardization across the enterprise bundled with efficient service support maximizes uptime and streamlines device management.

Connected to deliver timely care

A real-time, always-on network backbone ties the monitors together for more connected, timely care. Open architecture and industry standards ensure full integration to your hospital infrastructure. Clinical intelligence from multiple sources like the telemetry system, the MUSE™ cardiology information system and more, can be brought directly to the bedside. The network also enables sources like EMR, central stations and mobile devices — so you can stay close to your patients and make quick, informed decisions.
Every CARESCAPE monitor runs a proprietary hardened Linux® operating system that mitigates the threat of viruses and other malware. Customized certificates can easily be uploaded and installed. All downloaded data is encrypted, and files secured through password protection.

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