GE Healthcare’s Nuclear Pharmacy network of full-service pharmacies specializes in the preparation and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear medicine and nuclear medicine technology.

The GE Healthcare Pharmacy Network- Focused on what matters most

  • Superior service dedicated to meeting diverse customer and patient needs
  • High reliability across the entire pharmacy network
  • An industry leader in product quality and patient safety
  • Extensive portfolio covering the nuclear imaging landscape

National network of full-service pharmacies specializing in the preparation and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals in North America.

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Improving quality and reducing risk



FDA-approved Radiopharmaceuticals

GE Healthcare is an FDA-licensed manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals and of cold kits for the compounding of radiopharmaceuticals in the United States and worldwide. GE Healthcare manufactures FDA-approved products in cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities and operates 31 nuclear pharmacies in the United States.

GE Healthcare nuclear pharmacies use only FDA-approved components. All compounded sterile products are prepared in ISO 14644-1 clean rooms in accordance with USP <797> standards. GE Healthcare also provides nonsterile products, such as oral Iodine I-131 therapy capsules and solution, which are either manufactured by an FDA-licensed manufacturer or compounded on-site at a GE Healthcare pharmacy using FDA-approved components in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and USP <795> standards.

To further ensure patient safety, GE Healthcare utilizes barcode tracking in the preparation and dispensing of compounded sterile products

Changing patient care with FDA-approved products

GE Healthcare is focused on helping patients by enabling Health Care Providers to make confident medical decisions. Each nuclear pharmacy in our vast network offers a comprehensive portfolio of radiopharmaceuticals, including products manufactured by GE Healthcare:

  • DaTscan™ (Ioflupane I-123 Injection)
  • AdreView™ (Iobenguane I-123 Injection)
  • Myoview™ (Kit for the Preparation of Technetium Tc99m Tetrofosmin for Injection)
  • Ceretec™ (Kit for the Preparation of Technetium Tc99m Exametazime Injection)
  • Indium-111 Oxine (Indium In 111 Oxyquinoline Solution)
  • Metastron™ (Strontium-89 Chloride Injection)
  • Indium DTPA (Indium In-111 Pentetate Disodium)
  • Thallous Chloride

All GE Healthcare Nuclear Pharmacies offer a full range of other products, providing you with a single source for all of your
radiopharmaceutical needs.


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