TRACERcenter™ Solutions

TRACERcenter brings all of the different silos of technology, service and equipment that make up a tracer production facility together in one comprehensive solution.
At a Glance

Lower your overall operating costs

By 25% with easy-to-use, automated equipment that can be operated by your existing personnel

Your trusted multi-vendor solution

Reliable, pre-approved third-party vendor partners

Validated equipment packages

Compliant with local regulations and GMP guidelines

Largest service footprint in the industry

Fast, local and remote support you need for both our own and third-party equipment

No matter what your tracer production needs are, TRACERcenter is the only turnkey PET solution in the industry.

You can choose a pre-configured service and equipment package or we can help you design a custom package to meet your specific needs. By bringing everything together under one solution, our hope is to make the advantages of PET imaging available to as many healthcare providers as possible and as a result, to as many patients as possible.

TRACERcenter is the result of this effort to simplify the entire process of implementing and operating sophisticated production facilities.

Cyclotrons and chemistry systems are important parts of a tracer production facility, but you also need hot cells, fume hoods, shielding, lead containers and dispensing systems. Achieving reliable production of quality tracers requires each of these components to work seamlessly together.

Your trusted multi-vendor solution

In addition to our own portfolio of cyclotrons and chemistry systems, TRACERcenter includes a carefully selected portfolio of production technologies from third-party vendors. There are many different equipment vendors in the market, which is why we take it upon ourselves to find the best of the best. All of our third-party equipment packages are selected to complement our own tracer production equipment and services. They are also fully validated to be GMP and regulatory compliance ready.

We can provide you with a pre-configured equipment package or tailor a package to meet your specific needs. Either way, TRACERcenter is your single-source solution for GMP-ready equipment.

End to end support for the life of your program

Our service solutions include designing and validating a facility that meets your needs and training your staff on how to operate the equipment according to GMP guidelines. Our experts can come directly to your facility to train you on your own equipment, or you can come to our TRACERcenter Academy for hands-on training on our latest portfolio of equipment. In addition, our regional experts can help you tailor your Quality Management Systems and Quality Documentation to ensure your project meets stringent local and regional pharmacopeia requirements.

We have the largest footprint of service personnel in the industry. Our team of highly trained field engineers have access to instant remote diagnostics and are backed by a worldwide service infrastructure for replacement parts. This allows us to provide the fast, local support you need for both our own and third-party equipment.

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