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  • Stronger Signal

    Exceptional signal quality with a line of sight antenna range of 500 meters / 1670 feet.
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  • Transitions with Ease

    The Mini Telemetry System is compatible with your existing Corometrics* monitors, using the same transducers whether the patient is in bed or mobile. Once you position the transducers on your patient, they can be interchanged with existing Corometrics monitors.
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  • Flexible Monitoring

    The 3-port design allows fetal heart rate, uterine activity and ECG monitoring modes, providing the flexibility to use telemetry in multiple monitoring situations. Supports twin monitoring through use of ultrasound and FECG.
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  • Easy to View Display Screen

    The user-friendly backlit display provides many features helpful to both caregiver and patient: - MARK Button for mom to notate fetal movements - Battery Indicator to prompt when power is low - Plug-in Confirmation Indicator displays connection status - Speaker volume control - Channel Number
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