SenoBright™ HD

Contrast-Enhanced Mammography advanced application

Reduces the masking effect of breast tissue to reveal what matters1.
At a Glance

High sensitivity

Results in accurate breast cancer diagnosis1.

Quick and efficient

Takes down 7 minutes to perform a SenoBright HD exam2.
30 CEM exams a day3.

High specificity

For low false-positives and help prevent unnecessary exams1.

Care for more patients

43% of patients wouldn’t come back for follow-up4.

See differently, see clearly, see in contrast

Provide answers to your patients right away and help them avoid the agonizing wait that comes with an inconclusive exam. Don’t seek, see. Accelerate your ability to make a confident diagnosis.

The image you need is never out of reach

• Helps reduce the masking effect of fibroglandular breast tissue and increases the tumour signal1.
• Contrast agent highlights areas of unusual blood flow.
• CEM is an alternative imaging method to MRI, especially when MRI availability is limited, and for patients for whom MRI is contraindicated5.

Improve clinical accuracy

• Find lesions that cannot be seen on routine mammography6,7,8.
• Provide high specificity for low false-positives1.
• With Nira, overall Image quality was better assessed in more than 98% of the images presented by all the readers9.

Care for more patients

• Expand to a large population of women who can access this technology for Equitable care.
• Reduce agonizing wait time for women to get to a confident diagnosis.
• Target the 43% of patients who would not come back for follow-up4.

Consistently acquire 30 CEM exams a day3

• Filter out false positives to make room for those in true need1.
• Meets reimbursement criterion for this exam without pre-authorization.
• Can perform the imaging exam in less than 7 minutes2, on a machine and with staff women are familiar with.

SenoBright™ HD Contrast-Enhanced Mammography education

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