Seno Iris GE Mammography Solution

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is making it easier to spot breast cancer. But this data-intensive technology can push the limits of some viewing tools, limiting your ability to efficiently and accurately diagnose patients.

With Seno IrisTM you can improve your reading workflow with a whole set of tools designed to effectively manage large amounts of data and help you make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Seno Iris mammogram technology is available with the following GE systems: Senographe PristinaTM 3D Mammography System, SenographeTM Crystal* Digital Mammography System, Senographe Essential Mammography system as well as other non GE systems.

*Not for sale in USA and Canada. Not cleared or approved by US FDA and Health Canada.

Simplify your daily work with Diagnose, Review and Connect modes

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GE Mammography

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