Pristina Serena™

DBT guided biopsy solution

Provides exceptional lesion access by enabling both side and vertical approach biopsies with the turn of a knob.


Fast target

Acquiring a 3D sweep is faster than acquiring a 2D triplet to enable targeting while reducing patient dose by 60%1.


Transform your screening unit into an interventional suite in 2 minutes2.


Pristina Serena enables breast biopsy within 15 minutes2.

Rapid verification through sample imaging

Quickly verify target tissue was excised without moving the patient or leaving the room.

Enabling fast and accurate breast biopsies

Pristina Serena provides the option to access the breast with a newly designed side approach. The large working space simplifies patient positioning, reduces needle visibility to ease patient anxiety, and provides access to the most challenging lesions. All these biopsies can be performed in the same room as mammography screening—improving patient flow and center throughput.

Make the inaccessible accessible

Accessibility to the area of interest is often challenging for patients with small, thin breasts, implants, or breasts with superficial, deep or very superior lesions. This often makes accurate biopsies difficult. Until now. We’ve redesigned the biopsy experience to maximize confidence for radiologists, increase efficiencies, and help reduce patient anxiety.

Exceptional image quality

Pristina Serena provides remarkable image quality to visualize calcifications and make lesion conspicuity appear the same—equivalent to 2D screening and diagnostic imaging.

Increase accuracy with precision targeting

Pinpoint incision entry for accurate needle placement and anesthesia delivery around the incision site with our laser guide. The automatic mechanical stop also ensures that the needle halts when it reaches the target. Pristina Serena is a biopsy system that can be moved away during the procedure to keep the needle out of the field of view so it doesn’t alter images.

Ready. Set. Complete

Pristina Serena transforms the screening room into an interventional suite in just 2 minutes2. Our dedicated add-on biopsy kit eliminates the need for time-consuming mechanical needle installation for a swift and streamlined procedure. With an intuitive touchscreen interface that outlines each step, Pristina Serena makes it possible to perform breast biopsies in less than 15 minutes2.

Ready today. Prepared for tomorrow

Pristina Serena is highly adaptable and designed to support future functionalities, positioning you for long-term success. The advanced features allow you to work within your current space and the technology is compatible with common biopsy devices.
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1. As compared to Pristina Serena 2D biopsy. Data on file GE Healthcare 2018.

2. Data on file, GE Healthcare 2018.

* Superior diagnostic accuracy demonstrated in a reader study comparing the ROC AUC of GE screening protocol (V-Preview + 3D CC/MLO with 3D in STD mode) to that of 2D FFDM alone. V-Preview is the 2D synthesized image generated by GE Seno Iris mammography software from GE DBT images. FDA PMA P130020