ProFound AI™ by iCAD
for Senographe Pristina™

Address the challenge of reading an increasing amount of cases.
Reading tomosynthesis cases means being able to accurately interpret extensive amounts of data.

Deep learning based ProFound AI for Senographe Pristina™ is changing the paradigm by offering radiologists the possibility to address the challenges of reading an increasing amount of tomosynthesis cases with a high-performing, concurrent-read, workflow solution that rapidly and accurately analyzes each tomosynthesis plane, detecting both malignant soft tissue densities and calcifications with exceptional accuracy.


Maintain, if not increase your clinical performance¹

The iCAD reader study shows not only increased sensitivity, but most importantly specificity, which means that ProFound AI performs better than conventional 2D CAD with regard to false positives¹.

iCAD Reader Study results²

An iCAD reader study showed up to 50% reduction in reading time when using ProFound AI compared to without, while increasing sensitivity up to 8% and, most importantly, specificity up to 6,9%2 which means that ProFound AI encompasses the limitations of 2D CAD with regards to False Positive rate. The same study also reports a decrease in recall rate up to 7,2%.





Leverage the power of AI
to help you reduce your DBT reading time

  • Case scores are integrated to the worklist.

    A Case Score is assigned to each case by the ProFound AI algorithm. The Case Score represents how confident the algorithm is that a case is malignant, taking into account all detections in the case.

    ProFound AI displays the case scores in the worklist.

  • Markers to help identify microcalcifications, masses and architectural distortions.

    The ProFound AI deep learning algorithm reads all DBT planes and subsequently reports microcalcifications, masses and architectural distortions. ProFound AI also displays markers or areas of interest in different DICOM formats that can be shown on a Seno Iris and PACS workstations.

Seamless integration on Seno Iris™ SP3

Seno Iris integrates seamlessly the information provided by ProFound AI. Findings are marked on the 2D synthetized view, on the slabs and on the planes of interest. Case and Lesion scores are integrated respectively in the worklist and displayed as overlaying annotations. Seno Iris navigation and CAD inspector tools allow a fully efficient workflow.

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1. Compared to reading without ProFound AI. iCAD labelling and user manual, DTM160 rev C.
2. CAD labeling and User Manual DTM160 Rev.C. Reading times may vary based on the specific functionality of the viewing application used for interpretation.

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